Low Fade Haircut Or High Fade Haircut? || What is Trending in 2023?

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Often times when you go to the barber to get your hair cut, he might talk about giving you a fade. he’d tell you if a low fade haircut would suit you or a high fade one. But you might wonder what exactly is a fade.

What is Low Fade?

The term ‘fade’ originated in Black barbershops and has become popular throughout the world with time. It basically means that the hair at your back and your sides will fade as it goes down from the top towards the neck. It means there will be a variation of length and color in your hair.

Now there are typically two types of fade haircuts. A high fade haircut and a low fade haircut. There are also mid-fade and taper fade cuts. But these are not so popular.

This haircut even today is called military reg. Generally, the fade haircut back then was more of a short hair even on the top but today even long hair on the top can have a fade haircut.

In this article, we’ve discussed the low fade haircut and high fade haircut.


A low fade haircut is a simple technique that adds style and elegance to any haircut. The hair on the sides and at the back of the head tapers down and the fade goes lighter towards the lower part of the head. It can be paired with a wide variety of haircuts. We’ve collected the ones that we thought were the best.

low fade haircut


Shadowed Low Fade

This is a haircut where it starts off lighter on the sides and blends on to longer hair at the top of your head. The blending starts pretty low, thus the name shadowed low fade.

Dense Volume with Bright Low Fade

This haircut has a dense volume of hair at the top of the head, which fades out to a lighter volume near the nape of the neck. The fade is very crisp and bright in this haircut, which complements the volume at the top.

Spiky Low Fade

This one has longer spiked hair at the top of your head and some tapered ones at the center of the head. The top ones should be swept up and the center ones should be swept to the front to style this cut. The low fade on the sides that accompanies this style, simply makes it even more gorgeous.

Short Curls with Low Fade

This hairstyle comprises short curls at the crown of your head, that sits right on top, with a low fade that goes all the way to the neck. The shorter hair of the fade and the long curls at the top really go well with each other.

Pompadour Low Fade

The pomp fade is a popular hairstyle because it is easy to style and looks great. It can be worn with a low fade that follows the lines of long hair on top.

High Fade Haircut

The high fade usually follows a line that goes straight back from the corner of the forehead. The fade gets shorter as it moves down the head. The fade blends very quickly giving a tight look. It maximizes contrast for an edgy look. This cut is also very versatile and can be paired up with almost any hairstyle. Here are a few of our top picks.

Best high Fade Haircuts

High Taper Fade

This haircut gives you a very crisp and professional look. The fade starts at the top of your head and tapers down the side. With this look, you can add a modern quiff to the hair on top of your head.

High Fade Undercut

This haircut combines two very popular haircuts for men- the fade and the undercut. The undercut gives you a short haircut where the hair is all in one length, with the fade being left disconnected and prominent.

High Fade with Part

If you want a look that stands out and is unique then go for a high fade with a side part. For a more crisp and cool look, the part can be shaved. This will make both the haircut and the fade stand out equally.

High Fade Comb Over

This is a look that shows that you know what you’re doing to your hair: it’s a classy yet cool look. The comb-over can provide a great accent to the fade, giving you a nice clean look. A high skin fades comb over, on the other hand, can give you a bad boy look.

Curly High Fade

Curly hair is a handful to manage especially for guys. So guys with curly hair usually get short hairstyles. A curly high fade is very easy and simple to style. The sides of your hair will be faded and the curls on top, which are usually of short length, can be styled any way you want.

Whether you choose a high fade haircut or a low fade haircut, both are currently on the top trends. Fades are becoming more and more popular as time passes. Due to their versatile nature, they can be easily worn by people of any hair texture and can be paired up with a lot of hairstyles. So everyone can choose their pick. And that too from a huge variety. Your barber may be able to tell you better about which one of the many hairstyles with fades might suit you according to your facial features. So do consult with your barber!


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