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Is the upcoming summer making you dread the hair-removal process? Do your bristly legs pose a major threat to your sexy beach body visions for this summer?! Winters are the seasons to cover up and grow out. Most women pay little or no attention to the growth of their body hair in the midst of the cool season. This puts all the more pressure on the Proper hair removal process you would probably need to consider once the sun comes up again. Between nicks, bumps, ingrown hair, etc.

You might wonder what’s the most reliable method of hair removal to go about. I think we’ll agree that the cruel process of waxing makes the quicker, less painful method of shaving the go-to hair-removal technique. But am sure you’ll learn with experience that shaving hair regularly eventually gives your skin a very flaky, stubbly appearance which in all honesty isn’t very pleasant to touch either, and if by any odd chance, this wasn’t reason enough to set you off Let’s consider the awful skin darkening that appears after a shaving session or hair removal via hair removal creams, etc.  This is why waxing should be your Only Hair Removal ritual to rid yourself of excess, unwanted hair. But the main question arises “How long does waxing last?”

Benefits of Hair Removal

Hair Removal via waxing not only has a longer-lasting effect compared to shaving but leaves your skin more Radiant and youthful. The wax not only Cuts down your hair at the roots but also sucks the excess dirt and dead cells that formulate on your skin over time this is probably why waxing unlike other methods of Hair removal doesn’t cause Skin darkening. Now you might consider getting over the regular painful process of a waxing session and maybe consider a laser treatment but Waxing is the more cost-effective method of Hair removal with minimal side effects to your skin.

Waxes consist of different skin soothing and softening products like aloe Vera or Butter that alleviate the texture and appearance of your skin. Waxing doesn’t tend to cause skin allergies or irritate even the delicate skin on your face or underarms, etc. Waxing cuts down the possibility of skin bruising which for some of you ladies can be a major issue if you only opt for shaving on a regular basis.

But all these benefits really beg for the major question concerned with any Hair Removal method which is, of course, How long does waxing last?

Very thick, consistent hair growth can also be a cause of disease and should be consulted to medical professionals

Stages of Hair Growth :

There are essentially three main stages of Hair growth in simpler terms Growth, resting, and transition phases. Hair growth is caused by a hormone called androgen which includes testosterone. This tiny hormone stimulates the hair follicle causing hair growth on the face and body. Female bodies tend to produce relatively smaller amounts of androgen than male bodies.

In the first phase, the phase of Nourishment via blood supply the hair consistently grows for a given period depending on your age, gender, genetic factors, health, etc. Different body parts tend to have distinguishing hair growth patterns.

For example, a Face wax might last longer than suppose a leg wax  In the second phase hair stop getting nourishment and this stops growing while in the third or dormant phase, the hair dies without its nourishment supplies giving way to new hair growth.

This means that at any given time hair follicles might be In any of the three phases of growth which gives us reason to believe that anytime you get your hair waxed there is probably a new batch of hair already growing underneath the skin. Frequent hair waxing can minimize the underlying hair growth and help elongate the hair growth cycle.

Growth factors :

Hair growth is a unique process that unlike many of the Biological processes depends on several external and internal factors the most sound of which is probably your each individual trait.


The genetic makeup of your body controls a lot of your body composition, the release of hormones, etc. That can affect body hair. All these biological factors determine the duration of your hair-free phase. If your friend got a wax and it lasted her a whole month but didn’t work out as well for you then just know that it doesn’t mean waxing isn’t for you.

Frequency of waxing :

How often you wax can make a great deal of difference in slowing down your hair growth process. Getting a proper wax every 2-4 weeks gives a chance for you to properly get rid of all the hair growing from the roots. Frequent waxing Hampers the hair follicle that roots hair underneath the skin. This makes it harder to find nourishment for proper hair growth and even when the hair does grow back it grows back thinner than the previous batch.

Standard of wax :

A high-standard, more organic, high-quality wax is bound to give you your ideal results as compared to synthetic wax. When waxing the value of wax can be determined by its viscosity and how cohesive it is while you want the wax to stick to your skin you might not want it to be too cohesive to your skin and therefore complicate the waxing process.

With that said, a good waxing session isn’t just commendatory of the waxing material but a good waxing professional as well. The basic waxing technique is to apply the wax in the desired area and pull the strip in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Waxing as easy as it might seem, is a technical process that requires analyzing the specific hair patterns and knowing the techniques to wax different skin types from delicate to dense in different parts of the.


The disadvantages of waxing apart from the obvious painfulness of the process are that it requires a certain degree of hair growth of probably about a quarter-inch to pull the hair right out of the roots. Waxing may also if not done with care, result in ingrown hair and short to long-lasting bumps if not carried out carefully.


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