How to Make Sugar Wax at Home in 10 Easy Steps! || A Guide to Waxing at Home

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Now and then having a wax appointment is mandatory. Booking wax appointments every month can be super expensive. No one has the time or the power to go to the saloon ‘every month’. So, what is an easy solution? DIY wax appointment! I will tell you how to make sugar wax at home in some easy steps.

While doing a sweet Self-Care day with your BFFs, doing wax at home can lead to so many funny memories. How to make sugar wax texture at home by yourself and enjoy taking care of yourself. Waxed skin undoubtedly makes skin feel some type of way.

Why use Hot Wax?

For removing unwanted hair, wax is the most reliable way to reside in. It is known to be pretty painful. But, the pain starts reducing over time. Within some at-home appointments, you will start noticing how it has benefited you in so many ways. Let’s take a look at so many benefits that waxing blesses your skin with.

  1. Removes Unwanted Hair Completely:

Shaving is a painless process but it only cuts a part of your hair from the surface. Hot Wax on the other side removes the hair from its very roots. Thus, it takes more time for the hair to grow again.

  1. Removed Dead Skin Cells:

Wax not only removes your hair but it also removes all the dead skin cells from your skin. Since it sticks to a patch of your skin completely, when it is removed it leaves the skin smooth and beautiful.

  1. Reduces Hair Growth:

As the follicles get damaged, the hairs that grow after waxing them are weak and lesser. After merely one wax appointment, you will see the difference it inflicts upon the skin.

  1. Effects of Waxing:

Among all the other benefits, this one is my favorite. Waxed skin gives you a peaceful time without hair. You can live carelessly for two or more weeks (depending on your hair growth) after the wax. It takes some time for the hair to grow back.

  1. Economical:

Making hot wax at home is extremely affordable. The procedure only takes some time and then you can have a jar of wax stored for your next at-home appointments too. The ingredients that you require are easily available at home. Thus, as compared to your saloon appointments, waxing at home is very economical.

  1. Keeps the Natural Color of Skin Alive:

Shaving and using other hair removal creams lead to discoloration of the skin. This might be prominent enough to be noticed by others. With wax, you don’t have to worry about any such problem.

Types of Hot Wax:

Before talking about the recipe of the wax you need to know about the two main types of hot wax. There are two types of hot wax and each type works the best for its purpose.

  • Hard Wax
  • Soft Wax

Hard wax:

Hard Wax works best for the sensitive areas of your body. These areas can be the underarms, bikini lines, or upper lip. Many people think that hard wax is good for eyebrows too but I’d disagree. For the precision you need in eyebrows, hard wax is not the best choice. Hard wax does not require wax strips for removal.

Soft Wax:

You can use soft wax for the areas that are less sensitive and large. These areas can be your legs, your back, or your arms. Most parts of your body. This wax is thinner in consistency and easier to make. For soft wax, it is important to use a wax strip which can be different.

How to Make Sugar Wax at Home; a Recipe:

For making the basic wax, you need 3 primary ingredients. That’s it. These three ingredients and some keen simple processes will result in a perfect hot wax for you.


The three essentials of Hot Wax are:

  • Granulated Sugar: 250ml or 1 cup
  • Honey: 250ml or 1 cup
  • Lemon Juice: 150ml or ½ cup
  • Optional: Any essential oil that you like.


  1. Optimum Conditions:

Firstly you need to choose a medium-heavy saucepan for how to make sugar wax at home. The saucepan of such nature will let the heat perfectly transcend through the pan. Turn the stove on. The perfect way to start the process is if you cook the ingredients at medium-high heat

  1. Add Sugar to the Saucepan:

Add the 250 ml of sugar into the saucepan. You do not need to continuously stir the pan. Just take care that the sugar doesn’t get burnt. After some time, you will start seeing the sugar beginning to get caramelized.

  1. Add Honey & Lemon Juice:

The next step is to add honey and lemon juice. While pouring these two ingredients you need to be very careful. The sugar can be hot and you don’t want a splash of it over you. So, carefully pour down these two ingredients.

  1. Essential Oils:

If you want to add some essentials that suit your skin, then go ahead. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Oils like almond oil and coconut oil help in nourishing the skin and leaving a subtle fragrance.

  1. The Right Consistency:

Now here is when the actual difference occurs between the hard and soft wax. For making the hard wax, you should heat the mixture at 240degree – 250 degrees Fahrenheit optimally. This will give you a perfect caramelized wax.

For the simple soft wax, you need to heat the mixture until it is as thick as the cake batter. Once the batter is as thick, take it off the stove.

  1. Let the wax get settled:

You need to give some time to wax to cool down. Letting the wax cool is an essential step. You do not want to get burnt during a Self-Care day. So, I would recommend you let it get cool for 15 minutes. It does vary with the temperature of your surroundings though. Once you feel that it is bearable and cool, you should do a small patch test.

  1. Preparing Wax Strips:

Wax strips are an important part of waxing. There are different types of strips that you can use. There are paper strips and fabric strips too. If you are in a hurry and want to get done with the waxing then you can use a small piece of your old jeans. You also need to take care of the size of the strips based on your needs. Cut them accordingly and voila!

  1. Preparing yourself:

Your body needs to be prepared for this too. For starters, your skin shouldn’t be wet. It shouldn’t have any sweat on it. So, wipe it clean and then dry it. Secondly, hair growth is also an important matter to consider. Your body hair shouldn’t be too short. If they are too short then they won’t get stuck with the wax. If your hairs are too long then it can be a painful procedure.

The best size for the wax appointment is approximately 3mm-6mm. such hairs are easy to see, easy to wax, and less painful. If your hairs are too long then I’d recommend you trim them with scissors carefully.

  1. Tips for Skin:

The skin has its natural oil and sweat glands which might disturb you during the whole process. Some people recommend using ‘ice’ on the skin before using wax. This only makes the process more difficult since it makes the pores tighten.

The best thing to do is to use baby powder or some other powder on your skin. This will help in absorbing all the extra oils and moisture from the skin making it prepared for the wax. Make sure that you don’t suffocate your skin with powder.

  1. Applying the Wax:

You need to apply the wax in the direction of your hair. The direction of hair varies in every part of the body so be careful about it. You can use the internet to find more help regarding it.

The Waxing Process:

After applying the wax in the direction of the hair you need to put the waxing strip on the wax and firmly rub it. You need to rub it while putting some pressure on it so that the wax can firmly attach to the strip. The next step is scary but doesn’t hesitate! If you have second thoughts now then it is too late. Honestly, it isn’t so scary. For beginners, you can try using numbing cream beforehand. They are available at pharmacies and different stores. They do help but better not rely on them. Remove the strip against the direction of the hair and that’s it!

Save the leftover wax in an airtight jar. You can keep it in a dry place with less temperature.

Summarizing Things Up:

Waxing isn’t as scary as people have created hype about it. Its benefits are unreal and the pain decreases with time. This recipe will help you in getting dreamy smooth hairless skin for weeks. Try the tips that I have given in the former points to make the whole process easier for you. Enjoy the carefree days!

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