All You Need to Know About Halloween Contact Lenses

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All You Need to Know About Halloween Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses might look like a dauntingly difficult task to those who do not even know the basics of contact lenses but worry not,

we are here to guide you through the entire process and also suggest to you which lenses you should opt for and why! Halloween Contact lenses are considered medical devices, and for that very reason, they also need to be taken care of.

At such times when all one wants to do is let loose and party, people with eyesight disorders, suffer the most. In fear of losing their glasses and missing out on the party, they remain caught up and cannot enjoy themselves to the fullest.

These people jump at the thought of not having to wear specs and would do absolutely anything to get rid of them.

Contact lenses are an easy way out that not only corrects vision or other disorders but also provides aesthetic beauty as well.

For this reason, people opt them for their daily use and also for occasions like Halloween when they absolutely can not afford to take care of a pair of spectacles!

Halloween- the spookiest holiday of the year and the most fun as well. It is time to decorate your homes with spiders, bats, pumpkins, and all sorts of scary decorations.

A time of dressing up and making yourself look as scary as possible. A time of carving lanterns, going trick or treating, and pulling harmless pranks on your friends and family. It’s regarded as one of the most loved and celebrated holidays in the world.

So, with that comes great responsibility on the people to make this holiday as spooky and scary as possible. And that can only be done with perfect Halloween costumes that not only earn you the praise of everyone else but also help you scare the crap out of them!

What You Are Thinking Might Not Be True about Halloween contact lenses

You might have heard many things about the use of lenses, and many of them must be disheartening. But in case you are not wearing lenses because of one of the dialogues stated below, don’t trust it and grab your lenses as soon as possible.

  • You can not or may not wear lenses if you are too young or too old- this myth is absolutely ridiculous! You indeed need to be a certain age to start using contacts, but that is only so you can take good care of them and insert and remove them properly.


  • Contact lenses fall out of your eye- no, they do not. They can not possibly fall out of your eye on their own, but if you still feel dryness or irritation,


  • you should always keep eye drops in your bag. This may happen due to not insufficient lubrication in the eye. The lens needs to be moist at all times in order to stick well.


  • Contact lenses can get lost inside your eye- this myth is also one of the ridiculous ones since it’s biologically impossible.


  • There is a thin membrane concealing the white part of the eye that separates it from the eyelid, so your lens can not go anywhere other than your eye!


  • Halloween Contact lenses can stick to your eye- if you wear your lens for too long and do not keep it moist, it can get a little dry and stuck, but all you have to do is apply a little saline solution to it, and it’ll come right out.


  • Contact lenses are super uncomfortable- I mean, let us be honest, sticking something inside your eye might seem very uncomfortable. But the truth is once you get used to it, it’s like you don’t even know you have lenses on.

Contact Lenses to choose according to your eye color and hair color

To determine what type and color of contact lenses would look best with your skin tone, you first have to know the undertone of your skin.

You might have a warm, cool, or neutral tone, and to know which one you have, we have a trick for you. Check the color of your veins.

If it’s bluish, then you have a cool undertone, whereas a greenish color in the veins indicates a warm undertone. If it’s both greenish and bluish

  • Cool Undertones

For people with a cool undertone, bright-colored lenses would do the job. Colors like aqua, blue, purple, and turquoise would suit your skin tone and accentuate your eyes.

  • Warm Undertones

Warm undertones include brown and honey-hued complexions. This color is absolutely beautiful and supports almost all kinds of Halloween contact lenses, but if we are to narrow it down to some colors that look absolutely stunning, they would be honey, hazel, brown, or light blue.

Hair color is also a major factor that you should consider before getting yourself a pair of contact lenses. Eyes and hair are connected deeply, so their colors should also be in contrast.

If you have red hair, you might consider getting green lenses. A more in-depth red call for light green and a lighter red goes well with dark green. Other than that, blue would also go well with your red hair.

With brown hair, you might want to opt for brown, hazel, or honey-colored lenses for a natural look, whereas if you want to go big, blue lenses will do the trick. As far as black hair is concerned, almost every color of lenses look good with them.

Things to consider before buying contact lenses

There are some essential yet very basic things that you need to consider before buying contact lenses and also some knowledge that you need to acquire. Contact lenses are considered very sensitive and delicate, so they need to be taken care of.

  • Practice good hygiene- you need to have a proper hygiene routine before buying Halloween contact lenses like washing your hands thoroughly with soap and drying them.


  • Keep replacing your contact lens case- It is important to keep the washing and to replace the case in which you keep your contacts so that if any dirt or dust is sitting into it, it washes off.


  • Keep changing the solution- The most important thing that you need to take care of is changing your contacts solution every day after you use them. It keeps them clean and fresh.


  • Avoid contact with soap- do not ever rinse your lenses directly with soap, and avoid touching them with any antibacterial product.
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