Why Do Brides Carry Flowers And How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

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Why Do Brides Carry Flowers And How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Have you ever wondered why brides carry followers? Sure, girls are huge fans of flowers. They simply love them and how amazing they smell,

so it’s probably apparent why they carry flowers on their big day. However, let me assure you there’s more to that.

There were different reasons why brides carried flowers at their weddings in ancient times, and the tradition is continued to date.

Many of the reasons for ancient women to carry flowers might freak you out a bit; however, that’s the truth! Have a look at them down below.

To Get Rid Of The Smell

In the early 15th century, brides had a very different odor; and it wasn’t right. To put it in simple words, they smelled.

The reason behind this was that in ancient times, June was the most popular month for weddings, and people took their annual baths in the month of May.

The housemen were allowed to take a long full bath, and females could only take a small dip. To make the smell go away after a month on their wedding day, women used to carry flowers with them. Shocking, isn’t it?

However, that’s one of the reasons why brides carry flowers on their big days. Sure, women take baths now, but it has become a trend for years and years and will continue!

Banishing Bad Spirits

Another reason behind women carrying flowers in ancient times was to banish evil spirits. In their scenario, the bouquets were made using highly pungent herbs.

These include spices, garlic, chives, and whatnot. It spelled, hideous! However, it is believed it was practiced during the times of plague since that’s when people used to keep garlic near their mouths in order to survive due to the medical properties they come with.

Making The Newly Wed Couple Frisky

Might be shocking to you, but in ancient times, flowers were believed to make couples frisky. Flowers were thought to be floral garlands that marked a new life for the couple along with fertility.

The bouquets usually consisted of marigolds and dill. Sounds pretty weird, doesn’t it?

Sending A Sweet Message

Bouquets are usually known for sending a sweet message. In ancient times, if a groom wanted to send a message to his bride, he would choose a bouquet and send a message of love. The same tradition was carried out by birdies as well.

Protecting The Bride

In ancient times, brides we’d know to be lucky. Wedding goers would usually come to a tear of a bride’s dress. Sounds creepy, doesn’t it? To keep the bride safe, it was believed that holding a bridal bouquet would protect the bride against injuries and whatnot.

Now that it’s clear why brides carry flowers, let’s have a look at how to choose the perfect wedding bouquet for your big day!

This is your special day, and you must think of ways to choose the best wedding bouquet for yourself. Have a look down below at how you can choose the best wedding bouquet for your big day!

Make Sure To Choose The Right Size

The thing with bouquets is that you must choose the right size for them. You do not want them to be too huge in size or extremely small.

Dramatic bouquets are something you do not want to go for. Also, you need to hold them in a manner that they do not hide the details of your beautiful dress. So yes, choosing the right-sized bouquet is a must and something you shouldn’t ignore at all.

Color Is Key

Choosing the right color is extremely essential. Firstly, have a look at your wedding dress. What color is it, and what kind of design is it? Also, keep in mind whether you want a bold look or a minimal one.

For instance, for a body look, you could opt for maroon flowers with a whore dress, and for a minimal look, you could opt for millennium-colored followers.

You could even add different colored flowers to your bouquet. Get suggestions and go for something that you love the most. Trust me; you will look amazing on your wedding day with a beautiful bouquet in your hands!

Make It Personal

Did your fiancé give you a bouquet of roses on your first date together? Well, then this is the right time to send a token of love through the bouquet you’re going to be holding.

You could add roses to it, and trust me; this moment is something you and your fiancé will end up remembering every. You do not want to miss out on this precious moment, so make sure to make your bouquet personal!

Co-Ordinate With Your Wedding Style

Another thing you need to focus on is to coordinate your bouquet with your wedding style. Firstly, weddings are all about décor and whatnot. These include flowers as well.

Make sure to blend the bouquet you will be holding with the décor flowers. Sure, they don’t have to be the same; however, make sure to coordinate the color, shape, and size-wise.

Trust me, it will do wonders and will definitely add a touch to your wedding. This is something you do not want to miss out on!

Choose A Bouquet That Is Easy To Hold

Holding bouquets can be a challenging task; however, you need to make sure to choose a bouquet that’s easy to carry. The thing is that you will be losing this the entire day,

and it can end up getting a bit too tiring for you to hold it if it’s uncomfortable or has a big size of basically anything. Choose the right size, and have a great time holding it throughout your wedding!

Here’s all you need to know about wedding flowers, ranging from why brides carry flowers to choosing the perfect bouquet for your wedding. Trust me, it will end up doing wonders for you!

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