Long Sleeve Wedding Dress || Hit Or Miss?

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The wedding bells for 2020 have started ringing, and with that came a new wind of Bridal Fashion Weeks. From tiaras to capes to jumpsuits and pantsuits, a versatile theme could be seen. Some plunging and mock necklines and even bows were also spotted. But the most surprising thing to make its way to the runway was long sleeves wedding dresses. Long sleeves have successfully made their way from regular runways to bridal ones. Some brides are even rocking a single, long sleeve wedding dress.

So, we have collected some appealing styles for the brides-to-be in 2020. (Psst! All you daydreamers, you can take a peek too)

  • Long Sleeves with Open Back

This one is more suitable for the summer season. With long lace sleeves and an open back, it is a really classy look. Also, it gives you an amazing opportunity to show off your sleek back, all the while enjoying the cool summer breeze.

black long sleeve open back

  • Off- Shoulder Tea Length

Imagine a long sleeve wedding dress with tea length and open shoulders, in a majestic white color. The look is so beautiful and elegant, complete with a bodice and lace, that it is bound to make everyone’s eyes glued only and only on you on your special day.

Off Shoulder Tea Length Dress

  • V-Neck Bohemian Gown

Thinking of a vintage theme for your wedding? Or are you a petite bride and are concerned about what to wear to make you look taller? Well, this is definitely your thing. With a sheath silhouette and V-neck and lace all over, you are going to look an inch or two taller.

V-Nech Bohemian Gown

  • Bateau Neck with Long Sleeves

An A-line silhouette, fully covered in lace, featuring a high neckline, this long sleeve wedding dress is a representation of a traditional lace wedding dress. Also, the thin waistline beautifully accents a thin waist, creating a romantic look.

Bateau Neck with Long Sleeves

  • Nude Sheath Gown

Nude wedding gowns are very popular. Even though they look transparent, everything is well covered, with ivory lace and beads. This gown with long sleeves is gorgeous and stylish and traditional too.

Nude Sheath Gown

  • Sheer Beaded Long Sleeve Gown 

A beaded top and a flowing chiffon skirt look luxurious and light. It is not too heavy and suits all body types. The main attraction of this dress is the bodice, which is completely beaded from the neckline to the long sleeves to the waist. It is a beautiful look.

Sheer Beaded Long Sleeve Gown 

  • Beaded Gown with Bell Sleeves

A very interesting creation. A beautiful floor-length beaded gown, that drapes and fits perfectly on your body. And to add that extra bling, long bell sleeves (of course beaded) to go with it. This one is an out-of-the-box wedding dress and is definitely going to be the talk of the town for at least a couple of days. After all, the good old bell sleeves never go out of fashion!

Beaded Gown with Bell Sleeves

  • Nude Mermaid with Long Sleeves

A mermaid dress in nude colors looks nothing less than astonishing. The gown is covered in lace and decorated with applications that run along the entire length of the long sleeves. The mermaid style adds a certain romance to the dress. It usually suits brides with an hourglass body type and tall or medium height.

Nude Mermaid with Long Sleeves

  • Jacquard Gown with High Neck and Long Sleeves

Long sleeve wedding dresses made of jacquard look minimalistic and luxurious simultaneously. Such gowns don’t need any additional decorations as they are absolutely self-sufficient. The only decoration this dress has is the thick waistband, consisting of several stripes.

Jacquard Gown with High Neck and Long Sleeves

  • Simple Long Sleeve Satin Gown 

This A-line wedding dress is for the brides, who want to feel comfortable on their wedding day. It’s very light and simple. However, the decor with lace makes it look more festive. It’s a nice variant for country and vintage weddings. This model is also a good option for plus-size long-sleeve wedding dresses.

Simple Long Sleeve Satin Gown 

With such a rich collection to choose from, brides aren’t so worried about whether they will find what they want or not. But there’s a certain aspect that worries the brides. How much does a long sleeve wedding dress cost? Is it too expensive because of the extra material and detailing involved? Or is it under their budget? Well, to answer your question, the seamstress should charge you between $40 to $80 extra, depending on the length and the type of details that you want. But if you were to go to a bridal salon then they’d definitely charge you a tad bit more.

Another question that often troubles the brides, especially the summer brides, is whether they can wear long sleeves in summer or not. We did our research and all we have to say is that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had their wedding in May. And the Dutches of Sussex wore silk, off-the-shoulder, long sleeve wedding dress. What more affirmation does anybody need, right?

Some brides also wonder that will they be comfortable in a long sleeve wedding dress. Keeping in mind all the dancing and handshakes involved, will they be able to move around freely in long sleeves? Also whether they will be able to wear any jewelry on their wrists or not? To answer that long sleeve dresses are in fact quite comfortable, you just have to try and find one that fits you nicely. Move your arms before selecting a dress. And about the jewelry well, sadly you won’t be able to wear any. Because it won’t be visible if you have full-length sleeves and also because it might get caught on the hem of your sleeve.

Brides might also be concerned about how they wanna style their selves in long sleeves. Here’s our suggestion: Pair your absolutely beautiful long sleeve wedding dress with an elegant bouquet and a simple messy hair updo to fully show off and highlight your gorgeous sleeves.


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