Top 5 Part Time Jobs to Opt for in Hong Kong

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Top 5 Part-Time Jobs to Opt for in Hong Kong

Part-time jobs are the best way to earn an extra income in Hong Kong. The city offers great job roles and has numerous work opportunities for part-time workers.

Being one of the developed cities of China, this city has many established organizations which have the monetary power to employ people on a part-time basis.

Most students and immigrants are known to take up these jobs and companies here allow part-time employees to work for less than

18 hours a week and pay them accordingly. So, if you are the one looking for part-time jobs in Hing Kong, then here are the top 5 job roles that can help you to get the best salary.

The top 5 Part-Time Jobs in Hong Kong are as follows:

  • Accountant: The city of Hong Kong is known for its financial and accounting jobs. This is one of the best job roles and candidates who aspire for it are highly demanded in the city.
  • The potential candidate who applies for accountant jobs in Hong Kong should be good in the theory and practical knowledge of accounts and one should have
  • a good understanding of financial statements and accounts books. Being a fresher one also gets an opportunity to learn and understand difficult things in the profession. 
  • HR Recruiter: This is the field for people who have good knowledge and understanding of people. This profession of part-time HR recruiter is another most demanded job role in Hong Kong. These candidates are highly paid and
  • work in coordination with the recruitment manager and recruitment agencies. Their job is to source, screen, and hire the
  • best candidate for the best job. So, this again can be a great opportunity to opt for those candidates who are studying in the same field or have a degree or diploma in human resource management. 
  • Sales Associate: Sales Associates have a great work profile. The major benefit in this job role is that you may not have to visit the office every day and complete
  • your targets from remote locations giving you complete liberty in your part-time profession. Along with this, being a sales associate, the candidates receive a performance incentive over and above the salary, which is an additional benefit. 
  • Web Designer: Web designing is one of the highly trending professions in Hong Kong. These professionals are required by almost all the organizations and there is a shortage
  • of skilled employees in this sector in the city hence, this again is one of the highly paid part-time jobs. As a web designer, the candidate is expected to have a good knowledge of UI/UX and should also know how to make creatives for the website. 
  • Content Writer: Content is required in every phase of business and so are the content writers. These professionals are expected to take responsibility
  • to create content in various forms for the organization. So, if you have a flair for writing and can curate and create unique content for various platforms, then this is the right part-time job for you.

What are the advantages of taking part-time jobs in Hong Kong?

  • Hong Kong offers great benefits to those part-time employees who are in a permanent contract with the employer. These employees get the benefits of various types of leaves, rest days, maternity- paternity leaves, and year-end bonuses.
  • They also get better pay and are mostly hired for Flexi hours, so one may choose his working hours if the company allows them.
  • Helps students to learn the value of time management as managers in Hong Kong who want to work on deadlines are strict about it.
  • This allows the candidates to take up any other sort of professional or personal commitment as they have time to invest.
  • These jobs help a candidate to get better jobs and get success in life as most recruiters after your graduation will see your work experience with the part-time employer and knowing that you are experienced, they might select you for the job so, this increases your chances of selection.

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So, if you want to get part-time jobs with high pay in Hong Kong then read this article and try to get opportunities in the job roles stated above.


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