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For centuries long hair has been associated with different Social, cultural, and religious affiliations. Longer hair was impressed upon by Notorious Leaders and soon became a symbol of pride. To date, men have been seen to fashion long hair in different parts of the world and sometimes they are also linked to Physical appeal. Here we will break down for you the origin, importance, and current trends for Long Hairstyles for Men.

Historic Significance:

Long hair on men is not a modern Fashion statement, as a matter of fact, it goes back many, many years ago to older generations. Ancient Greece valued long hair as a symbol of wealth and status. Royalties and aristocrats would have long braided hair whereas their servants and slaves were notable for their shaven heads. This was inspired by the Greek gods who were thought to have long hair. In Battle Greek soldiers wore their hair up in a ponytail or mullets to keep their hair out of their enemy’s reach

Romans to favored long hair up until Julius Caeser defeated the long-haired Gallic tribes and inspired a shorter hair trend. In medieval times Longer hair was an opulent luxury and men took care of their hair with oils etc. The cost of maintaining hygiene with longer hair was probably why the less privileged kept their hair short.

In the Gaelic Irish period anyone who cut a man’s hair without his will was heavily fined, this showed the importance of long hair for the Irish. During the Anglo-Norman and English colonization Irish men kept their long locks as a symbol of solidarity to their kin and against the English colonists.

Long Hairstyles of Gaelic Irish

In the 11th and 12th Centuries, the long-hair culture was extensively popular owing to celebrated monarchs with long hair. But the custom soon became an inconvenience in the battlefield, soldiers were then required to cut their hair.

Long Hairstyle in 11th and 12th Centuries

Cultural affiliations:

In the Book of Judges of the Hebrew Bible, when the ancient Israelite judge Samson’s hair is cut he loses his power. This is the ideal example of the symbolic, religious value of hair. The length of one’s hair is said to depict virility, health and freedom, and even fertility. Hair textures and hair colors in some cultures tend to hold meanings as well.

The more devout categories of occupations in ancient times as well as today such as Buddhist Monks, demand certain hair lengths to be maintained, more often regarded with a symbolic meaning.  Since medieval times the trend of Long hair had passed, however, in a number of cultures, the custom has still survived the test of time owing to Religion and other strong beliefs.

In Sikhism, growing hair or Kesh is a form of honoring God’s creation in its purest form. Kesh holds such great significance for the Sikhs that during the Mughal rule in India, many Sikhs refused to cut their hair to avoid persecution, although recent times have made their beliefs more flexible some Sikhs still maintain the practice of kesh.

Sikhism Long Hairstyle

In the African continent, Rastafarians tribesmen Carry their hair in long dreadlocks as a sign of reverence to the lion of Judah. In Native American culture to long hair holds divine and ethical values.

African Long Hairstyles For Men

Evolution of long hair trends:

Long Hairstyles for Men in the 17th – 18th Century

      Before the French Revolution men fashioned long Poufs of curly hair called a ‘Peruke’. This was seen as a symbol of high ranks. The richer one got the more complex their Peruke. The term ‘Bigwigs’ was adopted for the well-off, who could afford these complicated bigwigs. It is believed that due to the progressive popularity of wigs, the first wig maker’s guide was published in 1655. French Louis XV, introduced a grayish powdered, less poufy hairstyle when he came into power. This started a more classy and simpler trend of wigs whereas the mounting wigs started to be criticized as an unnecessary show of luxury.

Aside from the Wealthy class, pirates and common men were also observed to maintain long hair when they couldn’t afford to get a haircut. To go about their everyday tasks they would put their unkempt locks into a ponytail or braid.

Whereas in Asia the Chinese and Korean tradition did not allow men and women to cut their hair. There were minor punishments for cutting hair. the Manchu Qing Dynasty imposed a Long Hairstyles for Men called a ‘queue’ which was characterized by a front shaved head and, a back ponytail.

Most Thrones across the globe at this time seemed to favor long hair and no matter where you went you would observe a traditional attire with a traditional Hairstyle fashioned in moderate ways that had specific meanings. At this stage hair was an expression of strong political, religious, and social beliefs.

Bigwigs Hairstyle Peruke Hairstyle

Long Hairstyles for Men in the 19th to 21st Century:

The 19th century was the peak of long hair culture to show political or Ethical beliefs. The Long hair mania was brought about by Popular Jazz and Rock Numbers who would carry longer hair as a distinctive sign of individuality. The 1960’s infamous Rock band ‘The Beatles Is a perfect example. Hair growth increasingly started to be observed as a symbol of political, counter-cultural, masculine, or political protest.

During the youth Rebellion of the 1960s, Long Hairstyles for Men such as dreadlocks were a symbol of protest. In the 1960s to 1970’s the Widespread Hippie movement was another reason for the trending long hair among both men and women. In the 1970’s the rise of Jamaica’s Reggae music in particular the sensational singer Bob Marley prompted an international fascination with Dreadlocks. It became particularly popular among cross-culture communities, mostly blacks.

By the 1980s the long hair culture had increasingly become a symbol of political or cultural beliefs. The drift was further promoted by Unconventional movies and artists. In the 2000s as Rock culture were the latest outrage, rock bands, and their fans started switching to bizarre-looking hairstyles like ‘Mohawks’ and ‘Spiked undercuts’.

Today Long Hairstyles for Men are socially acceptable in many states. Many different variations of long haircuts have been introduced. Such as man buns and top knots, promoted by celebrities like Kit Harington and Harry Styles. Here are a few current Trends that are followed today.

Textured waves:

Long textured waves are carried to give a rather unkempt and messy or more natural look. It can be styled in different forms from Slick back to man buns depending on your own convenience. Celebrities like Harry Styles and Jason Momoa have promoted the hairstyle.

Textured Waves Hairstyle

Parted long hair:

Suited primarily to men with sharper features and thinner, straight hair a parted hair look can give a distinctive attraction and highlight the features. A side part is more suitable for wavier hair. Celebrities like Jared Leto and Chris Hemsworth have been seen to fashion this particular haircut.

Parted Long Hairstyles for Men

Man buns:

   Men have been seen to style their long locks in an attractive Bun on the crown of the head or nape of the neck. The man bun comes in many variations suiting different face shapes, a slick, cleaner look is more suited to stronger features but a messy man bun is known to be more Attractive

Bun on the crown

Braided Hair:

A more statement looks for men with long hair are man braids. Braids can add significant style to your look. Braids have been associated with a more Viking, masculine, look. It can be coupled with man buns, ponytails, or half updos to add variety.

Braided Long Hair for Men


  An undercut is a hairstyle that categorizes shaving the back and sides of your head and leaving loose the top half of the hair to fall on one side to give a bold and distinctive look that will certainly highlight your features. It is suitable for most face shapes. It can be styled in man buns, ponytails, etc.

Undercut Hairstyle


If your looking for something more out of the ordinary and unconventional the African dreadlocks can be the perfect choice for you. The boldness of the hairstyle makes it a very rare option among males. It doesn’t suit everyone and requires great effort to actually pull it off. Celebrities like Lenny Kravitz and Adam Duritz have inspired the dreadlock fashion.

African Dreadlocks For Men

Half up:

Chris Hemsworth’s character as Thor inspired a new look that became increasingly famous as the fusion between sleek and messy attracted attention to the features. Most ladies were on board with this new trendy hairstyle which made it popular with long-haired men.

Half Up Hairstyle

Slick back:

The slick back hair was carried by men with wavy, messy long hair to keep the hair off their faces and thus convenience their everyday work. The hair can be pulled back with a hairband or gelled back in a slick look and this will also give an attractive edge to the overall look.

Slick Back Hairstyle

While these Variations in Recent long hair trends might not cover the entire list of long hair options but it Proves the widespread sensation that long hair has been and contradicts the popular belief that long hair is a mark of femininity.

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