How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants Home Remedy – Tips You Must Follow

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How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants Home Remedy – Tips You Must Follow

Don’t we all have a bunch of sweets stocked up in our cupboard to satisfy our sweet tooth every once in a while? However, sugar ants end up destroying everything, and that is something we all hate!

These small creatures invade our holes in search of food. Sure, they are not at all harmful to human beings; however, they are just annoying little creatures.

If you are someone who is tired of sugar ants and is in search of a natural way to get rid of them, then you are at the right place!

What Are Sugar Ants?

These ants are small black ants that are native to Australia. You might end up confusing sugar ants with the pavement of pharaoh ants since these are the most common types of ants found in households; however, their colors vary.

Sugar ants are basically attracted to sweets and all sorts of sugary goods. They are also massive fans of fats and proteins and plant pollen.

The thing with sugar ants is that once they find something to eat, they carry it back to their nest for the entire clan to have it all together!

These ants are mostly found near sweet foods and end up eating them before getting a chance to munch them! Now, if you are someone who’s thinking of how to get rid of sugar ants’ home remedies, have a look down below.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

Dealing with sugar ants gets annoying and tiring for one. However, here we have made a list of how to get rid of sugar ants home remedies just for you!

Spreading Salt

This is something most people are not aware of, But spreading salt near corners can help get rid of sugar ants. You can go for table salt to do the relatively cheap job and one of the most reliable methods out there to get rid of sugar ants.

In order to do the task, simply boil water and add salt to it. Ensure the salt you add is in a large quantity, or else your remedy won’t work. Stir the salt until dissolved, and you are done.

Now, add it to a spray bottle and spray it in corners and places where you think sugar ants enter from.


Just like salt, pepper plays a part too in getting rid of sugar ants. Sure, ants do hate salt; however, pepper is their worst enemy. They simply hate it! This is the part that can result in being beneficial for you.

Simply sprinkle pepper in areas where you think ants enter your home. You can go to Cayenne or black pepper to do the task.

You can either sprinkle it up or make a solution of water and pepper. Spray It, and you are good to go. However, remember, this remedy won’t kill ants; it will only keep them away.


Another excellent remedy in terms of getting rid of sugar ants is chalk. The thing with chalk is that it contains calcium carbonate, which will help you keep ants away from your house.

Simply make a powered form of chalk and place it in the entrance areas of the ants. You can even draw up a line near their entrance to do the tasks. Drawing up lines will help you a lot when it comes to getting off of sugar ants.

However, do not try this out if you have small children at home since they might end up playing with chalk and ingesting it!

White Vinegar

Now we all know sugar ants love sweets, and what’s the opposite of sweet? Sour; this means sugar ants hate sour stuff, which can help you keep ants away from your house.

Ants simply hate the smell of white sugar, and that’s something they cannot bear. Prepare water and white vinegar solution, add a few drops of oil to the mixture, and shake it well.

You can now spray the solution on the entrants of sugar ants, and you are good to go! Make sure you follow this step once a day, and it will result In being quite convenient for you.


Peppermint does wonder when it comes to keeping sugar ants away. The thing with peppermint is that it is an insect repellent,

which is why it helps you get rid of ants. Ants simply hate the smell of peppermint and will stay away from places smelling like it. Make a mixture of peppermint,

oil, and water and spray it in areas where you think ants enter from. Do this twice daily, and you will see wonders! If you do not want to go for a liquid mixture to do the task, you can even sprinkle dried peppermint to do the task. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


Ants simply hate the smell of lemon juice, and that plays a massive role in keeping ants away. You can even opt for a lemon juice solution to clean your house floors, and trust me; it will do wonders.

Sure, it will leave your Turks good as new, but it will also help keep ants away. You can even opt for lemon peels and place them in the entrance areas of the ants. That will help in keeping ants away from your house.


Just like lemon juice, oranges do wonders too. The thing with oranges is the same as lemons. Ants hate the smell of oranges and hence stay away from areas smelling like them. This plays a significant role in keeping sugar ants away from your house!

There were a couple of tried and tested remedies for keeping sugar ants away from your homes. All the methods mentioned are entirely reliable and do work. Make sure to follow them the right way,

and they will end up doing wonders for you. Now keep all your sugary food safe from sugar ants and enjoy!


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