How to get blood out of carpet || Guide To A Clean Carpet

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How To Get Blood Out Of Carpet || Guide To A Clean Carpet

If you’re a clean freak or just generally love your things, then even if you cut your finger, your mind would immediately go to the drops of blood on that absolutely clean carpet, instead of the finger and the cut itself.

And you’d be rushing here and there trying to figure out how to get blood out of the carpet. Just like red wine and candle wax, blood can be very tough to remove.

That is because the hemoglobin in the blood acts as a binder and sticks to the fibers of the carpet. The key thing that you need to remember is – the sooner you act the better the chance

you have at getting the stain completely off. If the bloodstain has time to set in then it may be difficult or even impossible to remove it.

We have collected some tried and tested techniques to help you in figuring out how to get blood out of the carpet. Try your hands at these and we hope you end up with a spotless that how to get blood out of carpet.

Solution 1

If your stain is fresh, hurry up and grab a wet cloth or towel, then dab it on the stain. Keep it pressed down and then pick it up.

This will prevent the stain from spreading. Using a spray bottle, spray cold water on the stain and blot again. Continue doing it until the stain comes off.

Solution 2

Use dilute liquid detergent. Mix 1 part liquid detergent to two parts water. Use a clean cloth to apply the mixture on the bloodstain. Let it sit then spray water on the stain and use a cloth to blot it dry.

Solution 3 

Again if the stain is relatively fresh, try using baking soda. Make a mixture of baking soda and water. The mixture should be in paste form.

Apply it on the stain and leave it on for at least an hour. After that use cotton to blot the mixture off. Then spray cold water and clean the stain. Remember not to rub or scrub this will only make the stain go deeper.

Solution 4

Another solution how to get blood out of carpet  for a fresh bloodstain is to use salt. Mix salt with water and create a thick paste-like mixture. Put the mixture on the stain and let it sit on for five minutes.

For best results use cold water to make the mixture. Don’t rub the stain, use a fresh wet cloth to blot the mixture off and then let the carpet air dry.

Solution 5 

If you can risk it, then one more option for how to get blood out of the carpet could be using hydrogen peroxide, But first,

try and test this on an inside spot on the carpet because hydrogen peroxide can bleach the color of your carpet. If it works out then grab a cotton swab and dip it in hydrogen peroxide and apply it on the bloodstain. Use clean water to rinse it off.

Solution 6

One more thing you could do is using ammonia to get the stain off. Mix half cup water with 1 tablespoon of ammonia. Use a sponge

to dab the mixture on the stain and keep dabbing until the carpet completely soaks the mixture. Then use a wet cloth to clean it off and blot until dry.

Solution 7

Now if it has dried up, it can be trickier to wash blood out of the carpet. You can get a head-start by using a blunt knife to scrape at the stain, this will get the blood flakes out of the carpet. After that use a meat tenderizer.

The chemical in a tenderizer breaks down the protein in the blood and helps remove the stain. You need to be sure to use an unflavored meat tenderizer.

Mix it with equal parts of water and dab it on the stain. Use a wet cloth to blot it off and then use liquid detergent to clean the carpet.

Solution 8

One more way is to use enzyme cleaners. Commercial enzyme cleaners break down the complex chemicals found in the blood. Apply according to label instructions, typically by spraying over the stain, letting it sit, then blot dry.

Solution 9

The most to-go solution to get rid of blood out of the carpet is to use toothpaste. It’s easily and readily available at your house.

Take some toothpaste and apply it all over the stain. After applying a generous amount, leave it to dry up. After it has dried up, rub it a little and then use a mixture of cold water and liquid detergent to clean the area.

The key to getting blood out of the carpet is to work fast. The quicker you work on the stain, the better results you’ll see.

After using any of these methods, it’s essential to dry the carpet as soon as possible. Try an electric fan to speed up the process of drying.

This will reduce the chance of any hidden blood under the carpet rising back up to the surface. After the carpet dries out it may feel crusty,

that’s because the fiber in the carpet has stiffened. To fluff the fiber back, use a vacuum over the spot. Or use a toothbrush to gently scrub the area, which will fluff up the fibers of a carpet.

It can be a challenge to clean blood out of the carpet, but it’s not impossible. Using the right method you can have a squeaky new carpet

within a matter of minutes. The things that you need to remember are that never rub the stained area and always use cold water to work on a bloodstain on how to get blood out of carpet

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