Androgynous Haircuts For Chubby Faces; How To Rock An Androgynous Haircut 

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Androgynous Haircuts For Chubby Faces; How To Rock An Androgynous Haircut

Don’t we all love haircuts, right? A classy haircut is a flex we all love. The trend of androgynous haircuts has been there for a long time.

Some people do not really understand what look to go for due to their chubby faces. However, you’ve got nothing to worry about since we have made a list of androgynous haircuts for chubby faces.

Rock and roll that look and feel as beautiful as ever. Androgynous haircuts are gender-neutral haircuts that can be rocked by everyone out there, no matter what the face shape.

It basically depends on how you carry yourself, and that’s it! Have a look down below at some amazing androgynous haircuts for chubby faces out there.

  • Cool Cut for Someone With Thick Hair

You can go for a cool cut if you’ve got thick hair. This will be a longer crew cut where you get to leave the middle part longer. Then you brush it in an upward difference and make a pouf.

This will increase your hair volume giving you an amazing look. Sounds good, doesn’t it? You could even get them dyed in platinum or brown and enjoy your new haircut!

  • The Masculine Cut 

Next up, we’ve got the masculine cut. This haircut consists of amazing edges and whatnot. The sides and everything else combined makes this haircut a personal option for you.

Since it’s about shaving your head from a couple of areas, it will result in a longer haircut.

Androgynous Haircuts

This is something you definitely want to try out due to how cool it is! However, make sure to get it done by a well-trained hairstylist since this requires many techniques that must be used to get the perfect cut for yourself.

  • Mohawk 

This is one of my favorites! The cut is a pixie cut-inspired look. This look is perfect for someone who is looking for an edgy, classic, and fun haircut.

You get to style your hair in several ways with this look that you will love for sure. If you maintain this look every 4-6 weeks by getting a little trim. Trust me; this is the look you definitely want to go for!

  • Androgynous Pixie

A fan of pixie cuts? Well, this is what you’re missing out on. This is a disconnected pixie cut with work done on the edges and sides of your hair.

You can even add a subtle detail of an asymmetric fringe and take your look to another level! Also, the look comes with delicate details that add up to the feminine look.

This look is perfect for someone who wants to show off their personality to the world. Enhance your features with this and look as beautiful as ever!

  • Thick Hair Androgynous 

This look is for people out there with thin hair. The look is quite fun since it comes with faded sides and a bang on top that adds a touch of femininity to the look.

You can clearly see the amount of texture at the top with this amazing look. This look is perfect for people with straight hair.

It is a mixture of an edgy, masculine, yet feminine look. Also, the haircut is not at all hard to style. Use a matte pomade to enhance the texture.

It will also add a bit of body to your hair. The look is so cool and can be rocked by people who have thin hair. Trust me; it’s something you will end up loving for sure!

  • A Buzz Cut

Ahhh, this look takes a lot of courage, and it’s something most girls hesitate to go for. The look consists of going for faded sides of your head with very small hair on the top side. This includes styling,

and yet your hair ends up looking amazingly beautiful. This is something you need to try out for sure! This easy-to-maintain look is something you should definitely try out once in your life.

  • Androgynous In Curly Hair 

Aren’t curly hairs absolutely gorgeous? An androgynous cut in curly hair is something you are missing out on. This look consists of curly hair with layers. So beautiful yet so chic!

This look gives one an aesthetically pleasing look, and it is something you definitely want to try out! This look is perfect for people who love their curly hair and are ready to embrace them.

Also, curly-haired people should always focus on conditioning their hair more than washing it. This will help in managing the frizz.

Get this cut and get it maintained every now and then. It will end up giving you an amazing look for sure.

  • The Undercut 

This is one of the chicest looks everyone out there can embrace. This includes pulling off a high face with a Mohawk. What an amazing combination, no? Moreover,

you could always dye your hair to enhance the look. Go for platinum or black, and it will look great. Also, the puff at the top will add volume that will enhance the overall look.

  • Long Androgynous Cut

Want an androgynous cut, however a long one? Well, that is possible too! Now you can easily opt for a long layered androgynous cut from the sides with a Mohawk-like top. This will result in a sharp ad edgy cut for sure!

  • Shaved Cut

This is one of the top haircuts out there! It consists of undercut bangs over the face with a shaved head on the sides. In order to enhance the look, you can dye your hair in the color pink, purple, or blue and give yourself an amazing look.

  • The Cute Cut

This cut gives one a punk vibe and is something that is perfect for everywhere you go! Get some shaved sides, a shaved back, and highlights that will enhance the look even more!

Here comes an end to our list of androgynous cuts. All the cuts mentioned are amazing in their own way, and once you get any one of them, you will love it for sure! Take your look to another level with some amazing androgynous haircuts!

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