Five Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

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Five Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Everyone wants smooth, healthy-looking skin. To achieve this, people use multiple skin products, invest in various techniques,

and undergo skin procedures that promise wonder for their skin. Yet, none of these work properly if you are avoiding or ignoring the basic rules of skincare.

These basic rules can be fixed if you know the mistakes and take action to correct them. Here are the following skincare mistakes to avoid if you want clear and radiant skin.

Failing to Properly Clean the Skin

Healthy skin starts with clean skin. Many skincare professionals recommend using a double cleanse before going to bed.

This cleanse involves using two different cleansers, one with an oil base and one with a water base, to help get your skin as clean as possible. After using your oil cleanser, consider Nu Skin’s sulfate-free cleanser according to your skin type.

Constantly Sleeping in Makeup

Going to bed with makeup on can be disastrous as it blocks the pores and oil glands and can cause skin issues including inflammation, acne breakouts, skin blemishes, and premature aging.

Additionally, it can also interfere with the natural shedding and exfoliation process of your skin. Don’t sleep in your makeup. Follow the double cleanse mentioned above to remove all the traces of makeup and ensure your skin remains clean.

Excessive Exfoliation

Though exfoliating is an effective way to remove dead skin cells, take out impurities, and control skin oiliness, doing it excessively can do more harm than good.

Excessive exfoliation shreds the epidermal layer and natural oil production of the skin, which can lead to flaking, redness, dryness, and infection. Experts recommend using a gentle exfoliant no more than two to three times a week for optimal results.

Popping Your Pimples

No doubt, most people are guilty of popping ugly pimples, despite warnings. Popping your pimples is definitely a big no-no in skin care because it can lead to scarring and skin infection. Skip the popping and go for a spot treatment product instead.

Choosing the Wrong Products

Choosing the “wrong” products happens when you select items that can’t work for your skin type. Extra-moisturizing products for dry skin could make oily skin worse,

while mattifying products tend to make dry skin drier. Choosing products that have the right ingredients for your skin type will improve your skincare game in the long run.

Achieve Your Best Skin

Avoid these common skincare mistakes and you’ll be on your way to enjoying your best skin in 2020.


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