First summer vacation near the sea: which clothes to pack?

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First summer vacation near the sea: which clothes to pack?

The thought of a summer vacation near the sea is quite exciting, but the difficulty that comes with it is, packing right for the whole family.

The weather in the summer is usually sunny, and such weather calls for light clothes such as girls’ dresses for your baby girl in the summer. Therefore, the clothes you pack must be comfortable. Some of the necessary garments to pack include:


As compulsory as most people already know, underwear is essential despite the season or place of vacation. Carrying clothes to wear under your clothes does the work of securing your private area.

If you are wearing girls’ dresses and you are by the sea enjoying the breeze, you need to be wearing the right underwear. The chances are that in such a situation, underwear will help have the privacy you need.

Another excellent reason is that children might as well swim in their underwear instead of rushing to the rooms to change into their swimsuits.

Make sure the materials are light and have excellent absorbents so that your children and you do not feel uncosy beneath your clothes.


When you are having a vacation near the sea, the most prominent thought is you are going to swim. For this reason, you require suitable swimsuits. Swimsuits come in a variety of styles, colours, designs, sizes, and materials.

For adult women, there are a ton of options such as a swim dress, a V-necked one-piece swimsuit, a long-sleeved one-piece or a two-piece, or a high-waisted bikini set.

Adult men can pick a pair of swim shorts, which is also an option for young boys. Young girls can either have a mini bikini set for children,

a ruffled swim dress, or a one-piece swimsuit. Ensure that the swimsuits you pack are of quick-drying material and the right sizes. Swimwear should not be too tight or too big.


The quality girls’ dress to pack should be sundresses because of how hot it can be in summer. The dresses should be of cotton or polyester materials that make you comfortable and absorb body fluids such as sweat.

They should be light and airy for sufficient air circulation and swift movements. They come in various impressive styles so that you remain fabulous and fashionable during your summer vacation. From maxi, floral or bohemian, you can choose what suits you.

Summer shirts for men

The suitable shirts that can are comfortably worn at the beach are the commonly known Aloha shirts. These are shirts hailing from Hawaii.

They are of printed fabrics, are light and made from rayon, silk, polyester, or cotton. Try to park fewer bold colours because bold colours tend to absorb light rather than reflect it away.

Hues that absorb light will mostly make you sweaty and hot, unlike neutral colours that do not absorb heat, thus being breathable. Summer shirts are cool and efficient for a summer vacation.


Sleepwear such as pyjamas or night dresses for your kids, and are also essential to consider when packing. Avoid materials that will make you wake up heavily drenched with sweat.

Find cotton materials since they are breathable and absorb sweat at night; to ensure that you and your family get cosy vacation nights.

A first-time experience is always a learning experience. Do not allow yourself to learn the hard way by carrying the wrong clothes for summer vacation.

When packing, the crucial things to put in mind are: What is the weather going to be like, what activities is the family going to undertake, what is the cost of the cloth items needed,

what are the different preferences of the family members especially when it comes to swimming suits and how long is the family going to be on vacation. Having these in mind will help you pack intentionally and get the right things.

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