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Weddings are fantasy weddings are every girl’s dream come true. It’s a magical experience that marks the beginning of a new life and what could be as dreamy, and romantic as having a destination wedding at the beach? Walking down the aisle to the sound of beach waves and wedding bells coupled with the extraordinary view has to be an unmatched experience. The most important thing to brides on their beach wedding is perhaps their beach wedding dresses. As a bride you might have spent months envisioning your dream dress but what could be the perfect dress to match the exotic beach vibes?

Over the years as weddings have evolved from the traditional Victorian theme and have instead become a show of individuality and imagination, destination weddings have gained considerable popularity. In the wedding culture, the bridal dress is expected to harmonize with her surroundings while she enunciates her vows.

Owing to its popularity with couples now a bunch of bridal options are available in stores that could convenience a tropical wedding. Having a beach wedding means added exposure to the natural elements, therefore, a beach wedding dress should be designed as such.

Allow us to assist you in your hunt for the perfect beach wedding dress.


To shop for the perfect beach wedding dress that fits your seaside theme it’s important to take the silhouette into consideration. Beach bridal dresses are often a light fabric preferably silk, chiffon, or lace, a modern shear or illusion garment gives a sexy edge along with combating the summer heat. With the right fabric, you could choose from a wide array of styles from A-line to a form-fitting, sexy gown.

Lace wedding dress:

Lace is probably the most Beach-friendly wedding dress textile. Its lightweight meaning that it Is easy for the bride to carry in the sand. It’s a breathable fabric that doesn’t allow for overheating while having your big day at the mercy of the sunbeams. Lace fabrics are ideal for a Boho-themed wedding dress, it adds a casual touch to the dress but depending on the outline of your dress, lace is an all-rounder fabric that can make your dress look like a combination of sexy, casual, and elegant at the same time.

Lace wedding dresses

Chiffon wedding dress:

The flowy nature of this exotic fabric makes it a model for a more casual and carefree vibe and with the right depiction, the material illustrates elegance and charm. Chiffon is a versatile fabric. It can facilitate any design to fit any particular taste. Chiffon is also suitable for self-conscious brides looking to conceal problem areas. For your seaside wedding, You should go for an empire waist, sweetheart chiffon dress to give a casual sexy vibe.

Chiffon wedding dresses

Silk wedding dress:

Nothing speaks elegance like an Ivory silk Gown. Silk is a combination of sexy and refined. With all its splendor silk is still the last choice for a Beach bride. Silk is not a porous material, therefore leaves very little room for ventilation, however, if you’ve always envisioned a beach wedding in an elegant silk gown then you can certainly make it happen by anticipating the weather forecast beforehand and scheduling your big day on a cooler day or perhaps in the evening.

Silk wedding dresses

Although the right fabric can make or break a bride’s look, the right Style that suits the bride and brings out the best version of her is the ultimate goal every bride pursues for her big day. Here is a guide to looking for a beach-friendly dress that fits you.

Sexy Beach Wedding Dresses:

Nothing speaks beach wedding like a form-fitting, sultry Lace design that hugs all the right curves. This gives a flattering, elegance to your Special dress. If you’re more towards the leaner body types and have no problem showing off your curves, you should opt for a Column-styled dress. It is a straight figure-hugging garment that can be quite an attractive sight when paired with a plunging V-neck or sweetheart neckline.

Perhaps one of the more popular ‘Sexy ’ alternatives is a Fishtail or Trumpet styled Gown. It is form-fitting around the bodice to just above the knee where it flares out. The Trumpet style flares out just below the hips, forming a bell-shaped, semi-ball gown look.  It portrays the perfect combination of sexy and Graceful.

Any of these choices coupled with deep V-necks, sweetheart, or illusion neckline will give you a dress that’s sure to make heads turn. If that is still not turning the heat for you give a backless or off-shoulder dress a shot.

Sexy Wedding Dress Sexy Beach Wedding Dress Sexy Wedding Dresses

Casual Wedding Dresses:

If you’re the kind to put comfort over looks perhaps a Casual beach wedding dress will satisfy your taste. Contradictory to the popular belief no beauty is not pain in fact it is possible to get the best of both worlds in a comfortable, yet ravishing dress. For a casual feel to your dress you can choose a wide variety of clothing designs the Typical A-line beach wedding dress that hugs around the bodice and features a broader skirt to make the waist appear tinier. The Empire waste is a flowy dress with a raised waistline that settles just below the chest, Highlighting the bust. This is particularly convenient for women who are not so busy. Empire waists are the perfect choice for a Maternity wedding dress.

If you’re having an unconventional beach wedding, perhaps you wouldn’t mind being unconventional and unique with your Dress picks and going for a shorter dress. A short dress couldn’t be more favorable for a beach wedding.  Halter necks, square necks, sweetheart, and illusion necklines are suitable for the casual, relaxed theme.

Casual wedding Dress Casual wedding Dresses

Themed Wedding Dresses:

As time has passed weddings have only moved further away from the traditional theme, as have wedding dresses. Today a heterogeneous series of Adventurous theme dresses are available to shop from. One of the more admired themes is the Bohemian-themed weddings. A Boho theme is credited as a serene, semi-formal, romantic ambiance.  A typical Boho bride will be seen in lace, slim, quirky designs that manifest the free spirit of the Boho theme.

Themed Wedding Dress Themed Wedding Dresses

Color themes are another new thing to consider. Going for an atypical Blue or blush dress can be an audacious yet distinctive choice to go for. If you are determined to pull it off it might add a unique touch to your magical moment.

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