Black Wedding Dresses || The Weddings of 2023

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Black Wedding Dresses || The Weddings of 2023

With the beginning of the New Year came a whirlwind of changes in trends when it came to weddings. 2023 became a year where couples decided to personalize each and every aspect of their special day.

Instead of focussing on tradition 2023 weddings are more about the couples having their own adventure.

Welcoming the new decade, people all over the world are more than ready to welcome these new trends too. Upon closely analyzing these 2023 weddings, here’s what we found to be the topmost trends!

Making It Relaxed and Informal

In the hectic to-dos of the big day, most couples usually don’t get a chance to interact with their guests at all. The couples of 2023, want their weddings to be more intimate and interactive.

So, instead of hosting a big wedding, the trend of Micro weddings has come forth. It basically means having a small setup of around 40 people, with only the close ones invited.

This gives the bride and grooms a chance to interact with each and every guest present, which in turn gives the wedding a more personal touch.
Black Wedding

Eco- Weddings

As people are becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint, couples in this decade have decided to go eco-friendly at their weddings.

Cutting off on unnecessary waste and opting for greener venues and swapping all plastics to some other eco-friendly options, are some of the changes being made.

Also hiring vendors who produce local food resources is an option. Couples are looking for ways to host more responsibly.

Black Wedding Dresses

A black wedding dress symbolizes power, strength, mystery, and elegance. Coming from the Spanish culture, brides wear black wedding dresses as a symbol of devotion to their marriage until death.

Black wedding dresses are definitely an option for brides who want to be part of the new trends. Being chic, classy, and elegant, makes the bride stand out in the largest of crowds.

Pair the dress with some lace and you have a traditional trendy look going on.
Black Wedding Dresses

Vegetarian and Vegan Menus

Now that more people are going vegan, setting up a wedding menu was becoming different. So instead of having alternative dishes for a few guests, all of the guests will eat the same vegetarian dishes.

And with the choice of vegan dishes becoming more extensive and creative, choosing such a menu is not difficult at all!
Vegetarian and Vegan Menus

Choosing Rings

Traditionally the engagement and wedding ring both were a surprise for the bride and groom for each other that they would get on the very day. They wouldn’t know how the rings looked until the day they would be given to them. Nowadays, the trend has changed!

The bride and groom both go and choose each other’s wedding and engagement rings together. This symbolizes and showcases each other’s tastes.
Choosing Rings 

The Veil Length

Keeping in mind the two latest celebrity weddings, Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle, both decided to have veils long enough that needed extra help to be carried down the aisle.

They both bought back the tradition of wearing veils and started a trend of having them supersized.

Self Service Bars

Having self-service bars can give the guests the to actually do something during the reception. Moreover, it makes them feel more involved.

Plus self-service bars make it easy to please the guests as they can have a drink to suit their taste rather than everyone being forced to drink the same thing.


Barrettes and Combs

With the veil, coming back in fashion, Barrettes and combs have also made a re-entry. Instead of going for the ever-trendy tiaras, brides are now choosing barrettes and combs to style their veils.
Barrettes and Combs

Dahlia Replacing Rose

For ages, roses have ruled the decorations when it came to weddings. But now that has changed. The new trendsetter in decorations is Dahlia. With such a versatile range of colors to choose from, it is becoming more and more popular.

Bold Colors

Choosing your colors is a big part of the planning process. Once you have your wedding colors, all the other stylistic decisions are easy.

This New Year’s bold colors are the theme for many weddings. Choose black, orange, fuchsia, and magenta. This will really up the mood on the big day and will be a huge break from the ever-trending whites and pastels.

Velvet for Bridesmaids

We’ve seen velvet take over furniture, linens, and the runway as of late, and it looks like the trend is here to stay into the new year. Bridesmaids, this decade have decided to wear velvet to put a royal touch to weddings.

Floral Groom Dresses

Choosing a wedding dress is important but choosing a groom’s suit is as important. To bring about a fresh new trend grooms of this new

decade have decided to up the game by going floral. Adorned in brightly colored floral prints, grooms this year have been successful in stealing the limelight.

Say No to Caterers

With the new year in the play, there has been a decrease in couples hiring caterers for the food at their weddings. As people have started to personalize their

weddings more and more, they have started to hire their favorite restaurants to take care of the food on their big day. This allows them to enjoy and celebrate a new beginning with the food they love!

Wedding cakes

A traditional wedding, although much loved and deeply enjoyed, has now become quite a boring confection. In 2023 it’s all about bringing art to the cake.

By adding bold colors instead of going for white, and going for more artistic frostings, confectioners have really given wedding cakes a new life.

Wedding Cake

This new year is bound to be a year of change as far as wedding trends are concerned. With so many new options, people are ready to experiment with something new for an event that marks a new beginning for them!


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