Best Friend Tattoos || Each With Its Own Meaning

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Best Friend Tattoos || Each With Its Own Meaning

As the saying goes:

“ God made us best friends because he knew neither of our mothers would’ve been able to handle us together as sisters.”

A best friend is probably closer to you than a sister. You share everything with me, half the things that happen to you happen while you’re with them.

You have the most memories with your best friend. They are that anchor that you need in your life. You trust them like you don’t trust anyone, and they know that you have their back and vice versa.

It’s a bond that goes so deep and so strong. Best friends are your sanity even in the darkest of times. So why don’t we celebrate and symbolize this relationship? And how do you do it?

Well, in recent past years, the way people celebrated their friendships is by getting best friend tattoos. This is a relatively new trend, but it’s gone wild and popular so fast.

People are getting best friend tattoos to symbolize the beautiful relationship they have with their best friends.

So we have compiled a few of the most beautiful and meaningful best friend tattoos for you. So grab your car keys, pick up your best friend, find a tattoo artist, and get a tattoo done!

  1. Sun and Moon Tattoos
    sun and moon best friend tattoos

The simple sun and moon tattoo is very simple but so meaningful. The sun and the moon symbolize a divine unity of two opposite energies that complete each other.

It means even though you and your best friends might be completely different from each other but in some way, you complete each other.

  1. Lotus Tattoos
    Lotus tatoos

These are very intricate and detailed lotus tattooed on two or more best friends, which symbolize that our best friends help us push through even in the hardest of times just like the lotus flower blooms even in the dirtiest of waters.

  1. Yin and Yang Tattoos
    yin yang tattoo

Yin represents light and yang represents the dark. Together they complete the existence of the universe. This tattoo is an amazing choice for two best friends who think and believe that they complete each other like the light and the dark, the good and the bad.

  1. Celtic Knot Tattoos
    celtic knot tattoo

The Celtic Knot symbolizes eternity, infinite loyalty, love, and friendship. It has been there since 450 AD. It’s a great way to mark your beautiful relationship with your friends.

  1. The Infinity Arrow Tattoos
    the infinity arrow best friend tattoos

The infinity sign symbolizes everlasting friendship. When turned into an arrow it shows that no matter whichever direction you choose to go in, your friendship will remain eternal.

  1. Lock and Key Tattoos
    lock and key tattoo

This design represents two people who are made for each other. If you and your best friend bring out the best in each other – and unlock each other’s potential – it could be an ideal design.

  1. Wings Tattoos
    wings tattoo

Wings are very symbolic. If you look at the logic, flying requires two wings moving in the same direction and in sync with each other. It symbolizes that you and your best friend lift each other and push each other to be better people.

  1. Ohana Tattoos
    ohana best friend tattoo

Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family. There is no better tattoo than this to represent and symbolize the importance of your best friend in your life. And what priority they have in your life.

  1. Single Star Tattoos

    single star tattoo

A star is a symbol of the sky, a sign of prosperity, and good luck. It is believed that the stars give a person inspiration for anything they need – creativity, smooth thoughts, and more. Getting matching star tattoos means that you and your best friends are a motivation for each other.

  1. Crown Tattoos
    crown tattoo

This is a tattoo that shows how strong your friendship is. A crown symbolizes power, leadership, and self-control. It represents that the best friends who wear these tattoos are each other’s strength and they also are strong people as individuals.

  1. Tree and Owl Tattoos

    tree and owl best friend tattoos

A tree and an owl complement each other. A tree provides shelter and protection to the owl, while an owl brings more life to a tree. The perfect balance! It represents that you and your best friend balance each other’s flaws.

  1. Identical Butterfly Tattoos
    identical butterfly tattoo

The butterfly, in Japan, represents happiness, home, and comfort. This identical tattoo symbolizes the fact that you and your best friends provide warmth and comfort to each other. And that you’re both in a flexible and comforting friendship.

  1. Roman Numerals Tattoos
    roman numerial tattoo

It is another one of my beautiful best friend’s tattoos. The Roman Numerals symbolize and represent the date that the friendship started. It is a beautiful reminder sitting on your wrist, reminding you of the beautiful start you made.

  1. Thick and Thin Tattoos
    thick and thin best friend tattoos

Best friends promise each other to stay together through thick and thin. This can be sworn in ink by making a tattoo out of these words – “thick and thin”. These words can be written in a heart shaped out of an infinity sign.

  1. Anchor Tattoos
    anchor tattoo

An anchor is associated with support and it also symbolizes stability. Matching anchor tattoos show that you and your best friends provide stability and support to each other in every aspect of life.

  1. Deathly Hallows Tattoos
    deathly hallows best friend tattoos

The Deathly Hallows tattoo is so cool for best friends who love Harry Potter. It shows their love for the movie and how they celebrate it together with each other.

  1. Pinky Promise Tattoos
    pinky promise tattoo

These tattoos comprise the word “Promise” written on the pinky fingers. It represents the promises that best friends usually make to each other.

  1. Pinky XO XO
    pinky xo xo tattoo

This tattoo again is made on the pinky fingers. With the words XO on them. XO is the universal symbol for hugs and kisses.

  1. Heart and Lifeline Tattoo
    health and lifeline tattoo

This tattoo comprises of a heart and a lifeline that appears to be connected on both wrists. This represents the meaning of your best friend in your life and that you’re with each other until your heart is beating.

  1. Growing Tree Tattoos
    growing tree best friend tattoos

This tattoo shows and represents that your friendship is growing with each passing day.

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