15 Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair || Which One is Yours?

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15 Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair || Which One is Yours?

Having long, luscious locks is everybody’s dream. They are really attractive and turn a lot of heads. But people who actually have them, know very well how they can be a handful most of the time.

But have you ever imagined yourself without your locks? Well, do it now! Close your eyes and envision short hairstyles for thick hair. Do you see frizz? Is a bird’s nest sitting on top of your head perhaps?

Without the weight of your locks, these assumptions are completely understandable. But the truth is completely the opposite.

In fact, cutting up your hair strategically can actually make you feel much lighter and even highlight your facial features. Some smart layering and you’ll have a cute, short hairstyle for your thick hair.

And for that, you won’t have to look anywhere else because we have compiled some really chic hairstyles for you.

  • Pixie Cut

A short hairstyle that is short on the back and sides and slightly longer at the top with short bangs. People with hearts or oval-shaped faces can really rock this fairy-like cut.

And if you have high cheekbones, then that just adds the cherry on top. And here’s a little secret, pixie cuts take a few years off of your age *wink*.

Pixie Cut

  • Short Bob with Bangs

Bobs look absolutely amazing on women with thick hair. The specialty of this particular bob is the bangs. Have your stylist give an edge to your bangs and side sweep them to create the perfect look.

Short Bob with Bangs

  • Blunt Cut

A short hairstyle with blunt edges, typically a long bob with the edges made a little blunt. Again side sweeps this look and you’ll be sure to fall in love with the outcome.

Blunt Cut

  • Short Feather Cut

A feather gets its name because it resembles the feathers of a bird. With shorter-length hair at the center and progressively longer-length hair at the sides, this cut makes up for a very cute look. And the thicker the hair the better this hairstyle looks.

Short Feather Cut

  • Short Layered Cut

This haircut can be anywhere from ear to neck length. It has shorter layers at the top and longer layers at the bottom. It takes away the weight of thick hair and gives them more texture and dimension.

Short Layered Cut

  • Pixie Undercut with Design

This short hairstyle for thick hair is very versatile. You can style it any way you want. You can side sweep it or style it like a 50s toupee or even give it a punk edge by getting your stylist to make a design in the undercut of your pixie cut.

Pixie Undercut with Design

  • Unstructured Bob

This is a really shattered bob cut. If you’re someone with wavy and thick hair then ask your stylist to go for this look. It’ll suit both a round and a long face. It’s just a matter of length. If you have a round face keep the length below your chin. If you have a long face then the length should hit between your jawbone and chin. Be sure to keep the ends wisp.

Unstructured Bob

  • Asymmetrical Bob

It is a beautiful hairstyle. It’s shorter in length and cut unevenly. The front strands of hair are longer while the ones at the back are shorter.it suits all types of faces and all types of hair textures.

Asymmetrical Bob

  • Inverted Bob

This shaggy, choppy short inverted bob haircut enhances layers and volume, thanks to its choppy texture. The waves bring up this feature which makes a great addition to the style. A wavy bob like this gives a great definition. And tousled hair just has that natural look.

Inverted Bob

  • Auburn Wavy Lob 

This hairstyle, it’s all about the red-violet color. It’s a combination of texture and color.  All the bob cuts you usually see are blonde or brunette. But a lob cut gives the usual bob texture with the beautiful auburn shade.

Now, let’s also talk about short hairstyles for thick hair in men. Men too need to look stylish, don’t they? Here are a few great short hairstyles for you.

Auburn Wavy Lob 

  • Angled Fringe

This gorgeous hairstyle includes the good old textured crop with angled bangs at the front. When viewed from a side profile it looks like a seamless arc. Pair it with a fade that drops down at the back and you have a trend going on.

Angled Fringe


  • Textured Quiff 

A quiff is basically hair lifted upwards and backward from the forehead. You can have your barber add layers to the quiff and give it a nice texture with more volume. This is a versatile hairstyle and can be styled in many ways.

Textured Quiff 

  • Taper Cut

A taper cut is where the hair is longer at the top and then gradually gets shorter down the back and sides of the head. This is the most common hairstyle in men of all ages.

Taper Cut

  • Textured French Crop

It features short hair all around the head with a noticeable fringe at the front. It’s a low-maintenance hairstyle which means you don’t have to have frequent visits to the barbershop or spend much time styling this cut.

Textured French Crop

  • Spiked Hair 

Spiky hair means short hair which has been styled in a way to point different directions. This is an evergreen look. It never goes out of fashion.

Spiked Hair 

Although there are a lot of short hairstyles for thick hair for men and women both, the one you decide to choose depends on your personal preference and also hugely on the shape of your face and your facial features. So whatever you decide on be sure to consult with your hairstylist first so that you really achieve the look you want.


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