What Cardio Machine Burns The Most Calories

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We’ve all wanted to maximize calorie loss and be as efficient as possible in doing so. However, it’s not easy doing cardio. Most gym goers stumble their way through gaining motivation for the recommended 30-minute cardio session every visit. With our list of the what cardio machine burns the most calories you would be able to minimize the time needed at the gym to achieve your weight loss goals.


The treadmill is the most basic of the myriad of cardio options usually available at any gym. It is surprisingly also one of the most effective cardio machines available. It uses the body’s natural movement to burn calories. The major benefit of using a treadmill is the versatility of the machine and the ability to change its incline, speed and resistance according to your desired exercise thus have the ability to increase or decrease the number of calories used.


It being widespread enough also allows it to be affordable and can be bought for home use to continue meeting your cardio targets outside the gym.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a rarer breed of cardio machine to find in most gyms. Nevertheless, it is one of the most effective cardio machines out there to burn calories. It uses a wider muscle set to perform a large range of combined motions for each stroke.

Rowing Machine

This allows even the shortest of cardio intervals to generate a large calorie burn. However, not all good things come this easily. Burning calories requires proper technique which can take months to perfect and therefore a novice would be putting in a lot of effort for very minimal reward.

ARC Trainer

An ARC Trainer seems to be popping up all around all of a sudden as a cardio machine of choice for fitness clubs. However there seems to be little praise to sing for this very obscure reincarnation of the elliptical.  It seems to target a very slim set of physical characteristics in terms of heights. It also asks for a fairly unnatural range of motion to use and burns perhaps what can be described as modest amounts of calories at best. This is definitely the cardio machine to swing clear of.


The elliptical enjoys much of the same praise, or lack thereof, as the ARC trainer. It has a range of motion that can only be described as completely dumb.


The lack of utilization of any muscle group completely causes calorie burn to be significantly better if you stayed in bed. However, newer ellipticals have made taken strides in actual calorie burn from this cardio machine. Programs that increase resistance allow for more total body utilization thus increasing the calorie burn to a very considerable degree.


The skier is a contraption that in a lot of ways resembles the rowing machine in terms of not only its function but also mechanics. It provides a hectic upper body workout when used routinely but can be combined with squatting or partial squatting to involve the lower body as well. Again, as with the rowing machine, technique is king and improper technique can waste the entire effort one puts in. Also, much like its compatriot, it is still a rarity in most gyms, however access to one would definitely help you burn more calories in shorter, more intense intervals.

Ladder Climber

The ladder climber again is a very high intensity cardio machine if you ask about what cardio machine burns the most calories that allows for the utilization of most of the muscle groups in the body. Although they are still to be adopted by most gyms, the ladder provides a good deal of calorie burn. The only downside to this is the awkward position that is needed to workout. However once comfortable with its use, this never-ending ladder should climb to near the top of your list for the cardio machines with the most significant calorie burn.

Stair Mill

The stair mill mimics a never-ending set of stairs that helps get the heart pumping due to it utilizing the largest muscle group of the body. This rapidly increases calories burnt and keeps the metabolism heightened for a longer time. It is best done with varying stretches of high intensities as to not exhaust your muscle group. However, you may put your exercise to waste if you put too much upper body weight on the handles, thus decreasing the amount of active effort needed to exercise. Therefore, it is best to not use the supports unless absolutely needed or in-between high intensity spells.

Spin Bike

Spin classes seem to have become a great community building fitness routine that is also very effective in getting in a solid cardio workout. Although most still might prefer the allure of riding a bike outdoors, an indoor bike allows the individual to have greater control on the intensity, distance and pace of your exercise. This again gives one a greater control over the ability to control the number of calories burnt. This machine is also ideal for short bursts of high intensity workouts which can be done in between other exercises. Alternating high and low intensity workouts also causes post oxygen consumption which can cause continuing calorie burn even after the exercise has finished.

Spin Bike

Overall a lot of which cardio machine is the best at burning calories, depends on the intensity and duration of the exercise it is designed to facilitate. One could say the skier and rowing machine are the best when it comes to high intensity short duration workout. however, it could also be that the spin bike allows for more variation and a community workout making it more palatable to the ordinary gym goer. The treadmill also serves to be a worthy candidate for the top spot, due to its wide availability and maximal ease of use. Therefore, due to an abundance of varying What Cardio Machine Burns The Most Calories, it would be up to the individual to decide which one is the best to fulfill his fitness goals.


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