Unique Types of Pizza Toppings Ideas and Crusts

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Unique Types of Pizza Toppings Ideas and Crusts

Pizza is one of the delicious dishes that have its origin in Italy. There are many types of pizzas, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizza. It is one of the most loved dishes around the globe.

People love to eat it with different toppings. Pizza is served with its round flattened base. It has various ingredients like cheese, tomato, and onions, which make delicious toppings. Do you know why you crave pizza?

The reason is that most pizza toppings have glutamate, and when it hits your tongue, your brain gets excited and craves more. In this blog, we have curated different types of pizza bases and toppings that every pizza lover should try.

Popular Pizza Crusts in India:

  • Thin Crust

Thin crust offers a crunchy pizza because of its slim type in the center. While making the thin crust, you need to stretch out the dough from the edges.

Thin-crust pizza doesn’t have many toppings because of its slim design. If you want thin-crust pizza with more toppings, then try to keep the center of the crust a bit thick.

  • Thick Crust

Thick-crust pizzas are filled with toppings and are tastier than thin-crust pizzas. You can add multiple toppings and sauces to give it an ideal taste.

The thickness is commonly between 0.125 to 0.25 inches. Also, a fact is that it requires 25% more dough than the thin crust pizza. You can make a chewy, tasty pizza at home with a thick crust.

Different Pizza Toppings Ideas:

  • Hot Sausage

If you want to make your Pizza dish stand out, you should try hot sausage for toppings. You can even make it tastier by adding onion and mushrooms to it.

The meat in the sausage can complement most of the ingredients that enhance the taste. You can even add ingredients of your choice, and it will improve its taste. It is one of the most loved pizza toppings.

  • Pineapple

It is also one of the most loved pizza toppings. It works best in balancing the overall flavor. With pineapple, you can add some tomato sauce to get a sweet acidic flavor.

The best thing is that it blends with other ingredients very quickly. Also, it enhances the taste of pizza. Pineapple is more often used for topping than various other ingredients.

  • Pepperoni

It is considered one of the most popular and classic pizza toppings because of its crispy red circles on top of your pizza.

You can add various ingredients like cheese, chicken, and numerous others for a new taste. You can get pepperoni pizza from online stores like Pizza Hut.

You can also save your money by using Pizza Hut Offers Today while ordering your favorite pizza.

  • Onion

The onion topping is pretty delicious and adds an excellent flavor to the pizza. No doubt, they make your breath terrible, but they make your pizza delicious.

It offers a variety of tastes from smooth to crunchy. This topping can be used on both thick and thin-crust pizza. You can even use fried onion to make it crunchier. Adding some other ingredients like tomato and cheese can also enhance its taste.

  • Bacon Strips

This topping is a bit hard to find because usually. Its crispy taste makes you fall in love with the toppings. One of the best parts about bacon strips is that you can add any other topping with this.

It will surely give a different taste to your tongue. It is perfectly matched with tomato sauce.

  • Mushrooms

It is also one of the best pizza toppings. You can combine this with any other ingredient. People usually say that mushrooms are tasteless.

But they taste scrumptious when used as toppings. Mushrooms are the most loved pizza topping because of their versatility. It would be best if you tried soy sauce with this topping to enhance the taste.

  • Barbecue Sauce

It is not always used as a topping on pizza, but it is one of the best toppings. You can improve the flavor of pizza by using it.

It tastes like barbecue pizza if combined with ingredients like onion and chicken. It has a tempting topping and your preferred crust that makes it delicious in taste.

  • Capsicum

This topping looks and tastes great. It goes well with all types of base ingredients. For vegetarian people, it is one of the most loved pizza toppings.

It adds fine texture and taste to the pizza; you can combine it with tomato sauce. You will surely discover a new taste.


Pizza is one of the most preferred Italian food. Our list of different types of toppings will help you select the best for yourself. The list has the top 8 toppings that you should try.

You can even try both thin and thick-crust pizza. Try your culinary skills by adding different sauces and ingredients to make it tastier.


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