Tom Cruise Net Worth, Bio, Career, Awards and Acheivements

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Tom Cruise Net Worth, Bio, Career, Awards, and Achievements

Tom Cruise, is a name mostly known to all. Tom Cruise is known for his charming looks, muscular physique, and humble personality and it’s really common to find the ladies crushing on him.

He is an American-based actor and in this article, we will discuss Tom Cruise’s net worth. Famous for many well-portrayed roles from the time frame of the 1980s to 2000s and counting. His real name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.

His life before Hollywood

His birthplace is Syracuse, New York. He was born on 3rd July in the year 1962. His father’s name is Thomas Cruise Mapother III and his mother’s name is Mary Lee.

Tom spent his childhood in Canada while his ancestral tree includes Irish, German, and English roots. His parents got divorced when he was completing his education at Francisco Seminary which is situated in Ohio.


The uprising fame of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was a high school student when acting caught his attention, His career started with his magnificent acting in the movies “Endless Love”, “Top Gun” and “Ricky Business”.

Tom Cruise kept on struggling and working in the industry and managed to make a name for himself in Hollywood. After proving himself and

earning a name, Tom managed to get “The Mission Impossible” series which later on also topped the charts. Tom Cruise is not only an actor but also a producer.

After working day and night Tom Cruise has indeed earned a lot of fame but fame is not the only thing he has managed to get his hands on.

In this ongoing decade, Tom is amongst the highest-paid actors in Hollywood which resulted in Tom Cruise’s net worth being $570 million dollars.

Cruise’s Career

After taking a big leap with the success of Endless Love in 1981, Tom went on with his acting career with more challenging roles.

His portrayal of Joel Goodson in the movie Risky Business was highly praised and not to mention the movie itself did remarkably well in the box office in the year 1983. However,

the movie that became a big breakthrough for Cruise is “Top Gun”; his portrayal of the character Lieutenant Pete became a big hit and was loved by people from

all over the world. The movie is an action drama genre that opened new doors for Cruise. His fame started skyrocketing and getting him the reputation of a superstar.

The movie was a huge hit and reached the highest profits at the box office. The action-loving audience loved his amazing acting in this blockbuster movie.

It is the movie that got Cruise fame in a new genre as well. Due to the huge demand for the movie, later on, it resulted in the sequels of the movie. As predicted all the sequels charted high on the box office.  These were:

  • Mission Impossible 2
  • Mission Impossible 3
  • Mission Impossible (Ghost Protocol)
  • Mission Impossible (Rogue Nation)
  • Mission Impossible (fallout)

Tom’s successful career did not stop; instead, it kept growing further. As time passed, Tom Cruise’s net worth kept increasing. In 1990 and 2000, Tom gave remarkable and successful movies.

Movies such as “Eyes wide shut” in the year 1999, “Vanilla Sky” In the year 2001, “Minority Report” in the year 2002 “Collateral” in the year 2004,

ongoing in 2012 he was stated in “Rock of Ages” and in the following year 2014 the movie “Edge of Tomorrow came out, these all ended up being successful.

As discussed earlier, Tom has managed to score his place as one of the most paid actors in the world, which led him to collaborate with the most popular and best actors the film industry has to offer.

Popularly, Cruise is known for his portrayal of Ethan Hunt in the movie “Mission: Impossible”. This series of movies has accomplished the title of the 17th highest-grossing series of all time.

With having a gross net worth of over $2 billion worldwide combining every film he did.

Portrayals of Tom Cruise

As Tom Cruise’s net worth is $570 million, in the year 2020 many of his movies have contributed to that.

The movies are:

  • Top Gun
    Released in the year 1986.
  • Cocktail
    Released in the year 1988
  • Interview With a Vampire
    Released in the year 1994
  • Jerry Maguire
    Released in the year 1996
  • Mission Impossible
    Released in the year 1996
  • The Last Samurai
    Released in the year 2003
  • Tropic Thunder
    Released in the year 2008
  • Knight and Day
    Released in the year 2010
  • Oblivion
    Released in the year 2013
  • American Made
    Released in the year 2017
  • Mission Impossible – Fallout
    Released in the year 2018


  • Academy Awards

He was nominated for best actor in a supporting role in the year 2000

  • Empire Awards

He won the Legend Award in the year 2014

  • All Def Movie Awards

He also won several awards in the year 2017


Tom Cruise Net Worth and Salary

Due to having successful career, Tom Cruise’s net worth has a huge range when it comes to his earnings. He earned $75000 from the movie “Risky Business”.

He also earned a fortune of $500000 from the movie “Legend” in 1985. After a very short time frame of one year, Tom earned a

huge amount of $2 million from “Top Gun” in 1995. At this stage, his career was high up on the charts due to which he earned $3 million from “Cocktail”.

Other movies like “Days of Thunder” earned him an amount of $9 million, “Far and Away” earned him $13 million, “A few good men

” gave him earnings of $12 million, and “Interview with a Vampire” earned him an amount of $15 million. As he was also on the producer list in the Mission

Impossible franchise tom earned $70 million from the first Mission Impossible movie and earned $75 million from the third sequel Mission Impossible 3.

Tom is one of the most well-known actors out there who has worked extremely hard in earning a good name in the industry. He has won the hearts of loads of people out there and plans on entertaining them with his great performance.

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