Things to Know About the Termite Adelaide

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Things to Know About the Termite Adelaide

Termites are known to be the most destructive pests in the world. They have destroyed properties worth billions of dollars all over the world.

The second week of March is considered Termite Awareness week because the general public should have an understanding of how destructive these pests can be.

The main food for a termite is cellulose found in wood and paper. You should know that your insurance doesn’t cover your home. So, you should always look out for signs if you think that there is a termite infestation in your house.

Termites – All About the Pest

We can classify termites into three categories: reproductive, soldiers, and workers. The most commonly seen termites are workers.

The termite colony consists of an average of 60,000 to 250,000 termites. They form the colony underground and enter the house structure through the cracks.

The termite workers feed on the wood and bring it to the colony so that the others can also feed on it.

Steps To Prevent Termite Infestation:

  • Inspect the foundation of your house. If you see that there are sleek mud tubes around it. It is a clear sign of a termite attack.
  • According to Pest Aid Adelaide termites, you should reduce the moisture content near your house.
  • Check the exterior portion of the wood. Tap on the wood and check if they sound hollow.
  • All cracks in your house should be sealed.
  • Allow proper ventilation and sunlight to reduce dampness inside your house.
  • If you are using firewood to keep yourself warm during cold winter nights. Make sure to store them 20 feet away from your home.

Signs Showing Termite in Your House

  • If you find wings that have been discarded near your window or open near your house.
  • Sometimes you might find reproductive termites near your house.
  • The appearance of a mud tube near the house foundation.
  • Accumulation of wood dirt from mud tubes.
  • If the floor or wall which is made of wood is been damaged or has a crack on it. It may be a termite infestation.

The Solution to Stop Termite Attack

Inspection of Your House:

If you think your house may have a termite infestation make sure you check for visible signs which can give you a clear picture of the intent of the damage.

If you are not able to determine the situation you can call for an in-home visit from a professional as well.

Asking For Professional Help:

There are professionals who deal with the termite problems of many people like you. Discuss the situation with them.

Ask proper questions before you hire them. Make sure you check for the business reputation of the firm before you think of hiring them. You can also take suggestions from friends and family before choosing a professional.

Monitoring Your Home Every Six Months:

Make sure you continuously monitor your walls and the foundation structure to check for any signs of termite attack.


The best way to protect your home from the invasion of these destructive pests is by getting it regularly checked by a professional.

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