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T: PC Players can’t Enjoy the “FIFA 22” Technical Innovation HyperMotion

D: The official trailer of FIFA 22 was released and caused a lot of controversy among players. The PC version of FIFA 22 without the new HyperMotion technology has been very much criticized.

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The official trailer for FIFA 22 was released and caused a lot of controversy among players. The price of this game is one of the reasons for displeasure, and also the PC version of FIFA 22 has received a lot of criticism. The new HyperMotion technology is the biggest difference in this game this year, but the PC version does not have it.

Why is this situation?

In an official statement from PC Gamer, EA said it was purely due to system requirements. the implementation of HyperMotion technology would have raised the minimum requirements for the game, and EA Sports didn’t want to do that for fear that it would leave a lot of players behind – so they decided to release an “inferior” version for all They decided to release an “inferior” version of the game for all PC gamers.


a technology that combines motion capture and “8.7 million frames of advanced match capture” computer algorithms, aims to “create more realistic soccer scenarios in a variety of interactions on the pitch”. The trailer shows the process of player motion capture, including Mbappe, a number of stars, wearing motion-capture suits, on the pitch, including touching the ball, shovel, stopping and sprinting and a variety of actions, the captured data will provide material for the new technology under the 4000 action animation, which will improve the intensity of the character’s movement and responsiveness.

The game AI will have a significant technical improvement in FIFA 22, each player will be able to better understand the offensive and defensive formations and movements, “will be closer to the realistic level of tactics”. This is the official announcement of the innovation point.

These few simple changes don’t sound too appealing. In the past few years, FIFA players were disappointed because EA did not have more breakthroughs and innovations in each generation of the game, and the arrival of the PS5 console undoubtedly made many players look forward to the upcoming “FIFA 22” will have substantial progress, but from the trailer announcement, players are still dissatisfied and disappointed that these technologies only exist in PS5, XSX/S, and Stadia platform, and PC players do not have a relationship, even though they own many FIFA 22 coins.

In this regard, the official said ” HyperMotion technology introduced to the PC will enhance the minimum requirements of PC specifications, so many players will either be forced to upgrade the machine to enhance the experience or forced to give up the game, which will seriously affect the PC player community “.

The arrival of the generation of hosts, so that game manufacturers, including EA, are improving the gameplay, skills, technical innovation, but in the technical abandonmentof PC players is very little, this time “FIFA 22” apparently different treatment, so PC players are not happy, and the official reasons given by the people difficult to accept.

In fact, the PC players in the FIFA player community have long believed that they suffer from differential treatment in the gaming experience, and this time is no exception. Let’s see how the situation will be when FIFA 22 is officially released, keep watching us! Buy FIFA 22 Coins from AOEAH.COM, with the cheapest price, fast delivery, and safety deal.

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