Post Car Accident: Important Things to Consider

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Post-Car Accident: Important Things to Consider

When a car accident happens, you will probably get shocked and confused. Though it is substantially important to consider the facts following the accident.

The foremost consideration should be your health and therefore we recommend you seek medical attention as soon as possible.

When it comes to legal queries, you should preferably keep a checklist regarding contact information and relevant questions to assist you with the entire insurance procedure.

Safety First!

If anyone involved in a car accident is injured, you need to immediately contact the police for help and inform them if you require any medical help. If you find out anyone under the control of drugs or alcohol, give this information to the police as well.

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You must call the law enforcement agency even if there are any injuries or not. Remember many insurance agencies will not cover your case unless and until there is a police report. Once everyone is safe and sound, it’s time to gather the essential information.

Ask Relevant Questions

Your insurance agency will cross-check the information regarding everyone involved including drivers, witnesses, passengers, or anyone else.

The best you can do is to collect their full names, contact numbers, addresses, and license information. Try to make as many notes as possible even including smaller details such as weather or the lighting condition.

Further, you should focus on property damage – whether there are any apparent damages to the vehicle. Were any of the cars involved company-owned? Also, get information about the car model and license plate number. Besides, figure out the insurance status of all cars and people involved.

Document the Accident and Evidence

If you have a camera, you should take as many photos as possible of the accident scenario, the people involved, or any other relevant information.

Photos captured as soon as possible are going to be most valuable. In case you don’t have a camera or your phone is damaged, ask a nearby passenger to take photos for you.

You should probably take pictures of the damaged vehicles, license plates, street signs, and other details that may assist you later.

As soon as you get in touch with an attorney after the accident, be sure to provide them with all the evidence you think can help.

  • Write down every little detail you remember about the crash such as location, weather, road conditions, time, etc.
  • If you don’t have a pen or paper in the accident scenario, use your phone to make notes or send a voice message to yourself.
  • Notice every single detail you might require for later insurance purposes.


You might think about what to do after a car accident in terms of insurance. We strongly recommend you contact your insurance company as quickly as possible.

In case your company is not willing to cover the accident, you should consult a personal injury attorney before. Make sure not to delay contacting the insurance carrier.

Many insurance agencies have certain policy requirements that need to be fulfilled or else your case will be rejected. Moreover,

try to avoid any statements or answers to questions before consulting an attorney. Keep the interaction polite, but avoid communicating any aspects of the accident unless you get legal advice.

Car accidents are generally a horrible experience even if the damage is not severe. Everyone has a unique personality and tendency to cope with sudden undesirable situations. Subsequently,

everyone reacts differently to a crash. Some people can cope with the situation over time while others have a long-lasting impact on their psychological health.

Their minds are commonly overburdened with thoughts, concerns, and fear. Apart from mental trauma and emotional distress,

many people experience physical injuries. At times, these injuries are difficult to notice immediately and may appear in a few days or weeks. It’s important to have a detailed medical checkup on whether or not there are any apparent injuries.


Bruises are typically caused because of the damage to your capillaries – the blood vessels under your skin. You might not be able to look

out for the degree of bruising since it may take some time for blood from the vessels to reach the upper surface of your skin. Many bruises heal on

their own, though serious accidents can considerably impact your internal organs that require urgent medical attention. You must consult a doctor if you have any tenderness, bruising, or discoloration that needs treatment.

Back pain

Back pain is a common condition after an accident that is frequently caused due to injury of the muscles, nerves, or ligaments. At times,

it may affect the entire vertebrae. Low back pain is found in approximately 50% of rear-impact collisions resulting in more intense conditions.

Change in Personality or Physical Functionality

These can indicate traumatic brain injury resulting from a car accident. These symptoms commonly include thinking impairment, memory loss, problems in vision or hearing,

movement restriction, and personality changes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, one leading cause of death

due to a car accident is a traumatic brain injury. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is another condition after a vehicle collision. People who experience PTSF frequently suffer from disturbing memories primarily because of repetitive thoughts and nightmares.

At times, victims feel the accident will reoccur which makes them even more frightened. Under these circumstances, the children are more susceptible.

Abdominal Pain or swelling

These indications commonly occur due to internal bleeding. Other symptoms include deep purple marks, fainting, and exhaustion.

In many cases, internal bleeding remains unexplored for hours or even days. Remember it’s a life-threatening condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated by medical personnel.

Numbness or Tingling

Typically nerve or tissue damage can result in tingling or numbness in your back, shoulders, neck, or hands. At times, the condition is further accompanied by pain. These symptoms require immediate treatment and therefore you must inform the condition to your doctor.

Why Do Some Car Accident Symptoms Not Show Up Immediately?

Many people are in conditions of shock post-accident. When involved in an accident, your mind is often occupied with multiple concerns.

You are more likely to be worried about the damage as a result of the collision, how you will report it, the financial constraints, and much more.

Further, your body is pumped with “fight or flight” hormones such as adrenaline. These hormones will help you understand

the situation and suppress pain. You may not be able to feel the entire pain from your injuries unless the stress hormones are balanced out. Therefore, it’s important to monitor your condition before the pain gets worse with time.

How Long Will It Take for Physical to Recover?

The physical recovery process will primarily depend on the severity of your accident and injuries. It may take a few days, weeks,

months, or even years to completely heal from the accident. There are certain factors such as health status and treatment that play a major role. Here are a few things to remember to help you with the recovery time:

  • Get medical treatment right after the accident.
  • Carefully follow the doctor’s recommendations.
  • Follow the recommended long-term treatment that commonly involves physical therapy and neuropathy treatment.
  • Fulfill your average sleeping hours and eat a healthy diet.
  • Do whatever can help you minimize the stress.

Consulting a car accident lawyer can help. If you were not at fault, you are more likely to be entitled to compensation for the expenses.

Dealing with the entire process of an insurance claim requires a great deal of information and requirements. Therefore,

having an attorney on your side will help you better focus on your medical condition whether physical or psychological with the peace of mind that the legal aspects are being handled.

Car accidents are one of the most traumatic experiences. It takes time to remove the incident from your memory and get back to normal life.

Remember nothing is more important than safety. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms or conditions discussed above,

we highly encourage you to visit a doctor and get yourself thoroughly evaluated. If you have read this far, we hope you will be able to better cope with any unfortunate situation. Keep the important aspects in mind and hope for the best things to come.


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