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You probably recognize Nick cannon from his most notable performance in ‘America’s got talentor the ‘ Real husbands of Hollywoodor perhaps his show ‘ the Nick cannon showmade the impression on you.Nicholas Scott Cannon is an American actor, comedian, rapper, producer, writer, director and a TV host who has starred in multiple movies like Drumline, Love don’t cost a thing, Bobby and Roll bounce. San Diego, California is the TV actors reported birth place while he spent most his teenage years in Lincoln park. He finished his High school degree from Monte vista High in Spring Valley. He got his first big break as a stand-up comedian on his father’s Local Cable show and made his first actual television debut in ‘ All that’ before going on to a host various shows. He continued on comedy and made his mark in various other fields.Apart from this Nick has produced many of his own films and TV shows including his renowned ‘ Wild ‘N Out ‘, Drumline and The Underclassmen. He has been the Executive producer of the Teen Choice 2018, Nickelodeon HALO Awards and many more. Introducing his wits to the Rap world he Launched his Album ‘ Nick Cannon ‘ in 2003 with his hit single ‘Gigolo’. Heterogeneous Career puts a huge sum of 22,000,000$ on Nick Cannon net worth by 2018. which can be brokendownn on the basis of. And now his net worth is 50,000,000$.

Sources of income

Musical career :

Nick Cannon started off his Musical Career when his rap gang called “ Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad “ signed with a label jive Records’ in 2001. 2003 was the year when Nick released his kick-off single Your pops Don’t like Me”. Besides this Nick established Multiple Record labels of his own first in 2005 ‘ Can-I-Ball Records” later on N’Credible Entertainment replaced the older one. In 2011 He delivered his mixtape record “ child of the cornto his audiences.

Television Career :

The Former Nickelodeon star started off on TV with his very first appearance in ‘ All that’ which made him one of the youngest staff writer in television history. This gave his writing, producing and directing career a kick-off. He carried on to Hosting the Nick Cannon Show and then one of  MTV’s Hit improvisational comedy Wild ‘N Out.  He took to the American Reality TV in 2009 when he joined the Acclaimed ‘ America’s got Talent ‘  making a good fortune of approximately 70,000 dollars for each episode he hosted, up until He retired from the famous show in 2017.

He also made Appearances in various other shows like the Real husbands of Hollywood and earned a permanent Role in Brooklyn Nine Nine. He didn’t just stop with television but proceeded to try his hand on the Big Screens landing some well Known names like the American ‘ Drumline’  starring Zoe Saldana, and Orlando James alongside Nick. Following more Screenplay characters in  Shall we dance (2004), Roll Bounce (2005) and Bobby (2006) to name a few.

For his many undertakings he has often been described as a multi-faceted artist. His multi-talents are probably the most outstanding feature in his career that draws the attention to hardworking and creative nature. And that’s why Nick Cannon Net Worth is increasing day by day.

Business and welfare :

Nick has Branded his name in various productions To the point that its fairly safe to say that Nicholas Cannon makes an extraordinary Businessman. He launched his own line of eye-catching Nick cannon neck ties available for purchase exclusively at Macy’s, He introduced his line of  supplies. In addition to this and perhaps his biggest Business venture was Launching his Multimedia Entertainment agency which has set forth several advertising projects. Impressing as his Career might be, his dedication to his charitable foundation the Nicholas Scott Cannon Foundation has further brought nick in the favourable side of the public eye.

Personal Life

Cannon’s personal life has debatably gotten more attention after his Marriage to American sweetheart and singer and at the time 11 years his senior Mariah Carey. His association with their six years marriage introduced fraternal twins named Moroccan Scott and Monroe Cannon but the Mariah Carey definitely contributed to his Career and brought up Nick Cannon net worth,  however the  seemingly happy couple split into mutual terms in 2016. The two have now taken to co-parenting their two children. The 39-year-old actor and TV-host were hospitalized with supposed “ mild kidney failure” in Colorado this turned out to be a mere symptom of the autoimmune lupus disorder he was later diagnosed with. He usually uses the term ‘lupus-like kidney disease ‘ to describe his ailment


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