Most Useful Business Travel Management Tools

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Most Useful Business Travel Management Tools

Businesses and some business owners today use end-to-end travel management software and applications for their travel needs.

These apps provide them with some important traveler data management functions so that they can have a streamlined way to book their flights and tickets, create policies, manage their expenses, and add more value to their business.

When you are looking for the best travel management tool there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The tool that you are looking for should be able to perform basic administrative functions,

self-booking for frequent traveling needs, free support 24/7, managing massive travel inventory, and consolidated invoice management,

direct customer support using chat and email, and many other essential functions. Here are a few Business Travel Management Tools that you can have a look at:

Sales trip

This can be a useful business travel solution for your sales teams and consultants who use Salesforce. Salestrip makes your traveling convenient

with its capacity to manage and track your journey at the CRM level. This is quite helpful if you want to assign trips to a number of customer accounts.

You can use this tool on almost any device without using another app. You can request a travel search in only 3 clicks as the details are already part of Salesforce where your entire meeting information exists.


This is a web-based travel booking travel management software that helps you get the best fares. You can apply and get the best itinerary proposal and get assigned to a consultant who provides

you the lowest fares, the quickest journey, and anything that the flyer feels comfortable in. Even if there is a complex travel request by a user, the platform is capable of getting you the solutions if you are

carrying unusual luggage and save a considerable amount of money on your flights. You can review your future trips, downloadable reports, and use many other functions to make your flights convenient and streamlined.


This is a centralized tool that can help your team members book their journeys and manage their business trips by using a single app.

This means that you can find your suitable flights, hotels and book your trips and track them from the beginning to the end.

You can also find an impressive expense reporting function where you can screenshot your receipts for ground transport or flights and match them after they get billed to your company’s credit card.


This is the world’s largest travel management tool that has many useful travel management features that can help managers and travelers to book trips for themselves and other people by keeping the company’s policy in mind.

The platform is also useful for travel budget makers and the company’s finance teams with all the required features including expense

reporting and integration, insights about compliance, and travel spending tracking. You can plan your journey from the best destinations worldwide.

You can have a look at Nat Geo and other channels offered by the Charter Silver package for more ideas about traveling.

You can also have a look at different tools that can help you manage your travel expenses


This is a corporate credit card that can be very useful if you are running a startup or an established business. It is a good platform to use for people who want higher limits than the ones offered by many credit card companies.

Other perks of using Brex include that you can get better rewards, and easily track and manage your spending across all categories.

Brex can help you save a lot of time and resources by providing you with an advanced fraud tracking system, best in-class controls, and automatic syncing across QuickBooks, NetSuite, and many other platforms.

Zoho Expense

This is one of the most popular expense management platforms that is used by many small businesses. You can manage your

expenses using upload receipts, expense recording so that your accounting team has all the information that they require.

You can directly fetch feeds for your corporate card from the card providers and then reconcile the transactions with the expenses automatically. You can sync the expense data with your accounting software automatically for effective expense accounting,


This is an expense management tool that gets you a robust expense management tool that includes fast and speedy analytics,

travel spending advances, approval workflows and so much more. You can automatically capture details from a paper receipt when you take a snap of it.

You can also send transactions to your expense reports in just a single click and don’t worry about any privacy issues. You can connect your card with this tool and get a seamless transaction flow.

Final Words

Traveling for business can be one of the most critical activities for many people as this can be a making or a breaking point.

You have to make sure that your traveling experience becomes properly managed, controlled, and without any hassle. You can use the business travel management and business travel expense management tools to get this done for yourself.

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