How to View Someone’s Private Instagram Photos

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Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms, and it’s continuously growing. Having over a billion users, it has become a place where people share their private life, stories, and memories. There are millions of meme pages, bloggers, vloggers, and celebs, some of which keep their accounts private. People have found many ways to view even the photos of someone with a private account. Some people use it for stalking or privacy breaching, and some use it for harmless reasons, like accessing private meme pages or private blogs and content accounts. But why do people feel the need to do that, well to answer that, we need to understand how Instagram privacy works and why people do it when it can be breached.

Instagram and its privacy policy

Instagram has grown a lot in the past few years, it allows you to make videos ranging from 15 seconds up to 1 minute, and sometimes even longer through IGN, you can upload stories, highlights, and memories in your account and some memories are better kept between people you want to show, so there’s a privacy policy for doing that. You can make your profile private and hide your pictures and videos from anyone you don’t follow. Some people make meme pages and private the page, so people follow them to see the pictures, this leads to having a huge number of followers. So. It is obvious that people use it for different reasons, but why do they do it if it can be breached easily?

Viewing private pictures

Well, it turns out that not everyone is aware of how to view someone’s private Instagram photos, viewing someone’s private Instagram photos can be done through various methods. But not everyone knows how to do it, and some who know, try not to use it and respect privacy. However, for information purpose, here are the number of ways you can do it

  • Send a follow request

That’s quite obvious, but it is one of the ways to view private photos, you can simply follow them and let them know that you want to follow them and view their profile, this way, you don’t have to hide and you can view their stuff with permission.

  • Make a second account

This one is a simple, yet sometimes a useful technique for how to view someone’s private Instagram photos, you can make a fake account with pictures and bio that make it seem like a real account and follow the pages or accounts. This way, you can view their private photos without depending on unethical means. Well, this is a bit unethical but it’s less than the next one.

  • Use of third-party sites or apps

There are quite a few third-party applications that allow you to view someone’s private Instagram photos and they sometimes work too; you just have to put their profile name in the app and it will show you everything they have in private. This is an unethical way and can be considered invading someone’s privacy, but it exists and people use it more than you think.

How do the Instagram photo viewing apps work?

These apps first require you to input the name of the account you want to view, then they ask whether you wish to just view pictures or download them, then after you put your personal information, it shows you the private Instagram photos of the account. We don’t recommend you using these, since they are sketchy and might be onto you, in this age of cyber-threats and modern technology, giving up your private information to third-party sites just for insignificant things is not worth it. They can breach your personal data, hack into your email, and even leave a virus which extracts all data from your pc without your knowledge.

Don’t invade other’s privacy

Invading other people’s privacy and using third-party apps on Instagram is illegal and can be used against you. It is considered invading private data, and can even cost you a big fine, and sometimes have legal actions taken against you. It’s better to not risk your youth and properly do things, you can follow someone’s account and get to know them and feel better mentally too.

Any methods to not have your privacy breached

The option of making your account private is the safest thing to do so far, even though it can be breached, it is still better to hide from most people. Nowadays its almost impossible to hide your personal data from other people, the number of hackers and data stealers has increased a lot, so it’s better to not have such pictures on Instagram, but is it worth it to stop your fun because of other people? It depends on you honestly, if you value your data more than your memories, you can take the safe option and not upload them, there are ways to have those memories saved in real life, but in the case of meme accounts, people will always try to outsmart them and get access to the memes without following them.


The presence of over a billion users on Instagram means that there will always be a great number of hackers who are constantly trying to get your information. Although trying to access private photos can be harmless depending on the accounts, it’s still against the policy and shouldn’t be done, the correct way is always to just follow the person and watch things with permission. But for people who don’t want that, there are methods to do things, so, its best to think that the pictures and information you put out on Instagram, thinking its harmless and private, might be present for every person to see. This means that its best to stay careful and protect your data. It’s safe to say that you can now stalk your crush or keep up with people who won’t let you in their close circle of friends, nonetheless, we encourage you to not resort to such means and respect others’ privacy like they respect yours.


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