How to use a French Press Coffee Maker

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How to use a French Press Coffee Maker

There are countless ways to make coffee with a press maker. Though, all those ways do not give their best and surety of a tasty cup of coffee.

Therefore, the need of the hour is to choose the most appropriate and best way of making a tasty coffee. French press coffee maker is one of the best methods for preparing delicious coffee.

Moreover, it is quite a simple and easy method of making coffee.  Use it for brewing coffee, and it consists of a cylindrical glass carafe, a plunger, and a screen filter that permeates the coffee. Further, it is a conspicuous method that allows you to do all in one.
How to use a french pressHow to use a French Press:

This excellent coffee maker makes coffee by steeping ground coffee in boiling water and then pressing the filter down for ground separation from the coffee.

Temperature is the most significant parameter because hotter will lead to a burnt taste and colder leads to flavorless coffee. So water should boil at 200ºF for enhancing flavor extraction.

Things required for making a delicious French press coffee:

Pour some ground coffee into the glass carafe, add hot water, get them set for four to five minutes, then plunge. And things required for this purpose are as subsequent:

  • Filtered Water:

Filtered water, is purified from contaminants and odors that may alter the coffee taste. So always prefer filtered water for making odor and impurities-free coffee.

  • Coffee Beans:

If you want to take highly tasty coffee, then use freshly-cooked or roasted coffee beans.  Most coffee maker experts choose medium and dusky roasted coffee.

If you are going to serve two cups of coffee, then a quarter cup of coffee beans is blended with two cups of water. Or if servings are four cups, then half cup of coffee beans mixed with four cups of water.

  • Coffee Blender:

For making delicious and tasty coffee, you should blend or grind coffee beans at home. Pre-ground coffee beans can be oxidized and lost their flavor with time. Besides,

if these beans are not stored adequately, then they may produce a smell in the kitchen. So prefer a burr processor that permits the user to set the grind mass and produces equitably assessed grinds.

  • Kettle or a Pot:

Use an electric pot or kettle for boiling water, so you can safely pour this hot water into the coffee maker. In case you do not hold an electric kettle or pot, then check the water temperature with a thermometer before pouring it into the French press.

  • Scale the Ground Coffee:

It seems stupid to scale the ground coffee, though it is a reliable way to get an excellent taste in your morning coffee. Besides,

it will give a precise amount of coffee that is perfect for your coffee blender or grinder. Moreover, the coffee scoop is another best idea to utilize for scaling the ground coffee.

Step by step on how to use a French press?

Here is a step-by-step guide to how to use a French press for brewing delicious coffee.

1- Preheat the French Press:

In coffee brewing methods, it is the foremost step to preheat the French press. It is necessary for stopping temperature fluctuations while pouring hot water into it.

Pour some water into the French press and then swill it around till it becomes warm. Discard this warm water carefully, and your coffee maker is ready for brewing coffee. Further, this preheating step will keep coffee warmer for a longer time.

2- Weigh the Coffee Grounds:

The measuring of coffee grounds depends on two steps. First, it depends on the size of the coffee press, and second is on the amount of coffee that you want to make.

3- Boil Water For Coffee:

Coffee consists of 98 to 99 percent water, so water is an imperative need. First, take out filtered and purified water and then boil it at 200ºF, it is an ideal temperature for brewing coffee.

However, in case you have not held a thermometer, then note the bubbling formation in the water. More, this bubbling water may be utilized to preheat the coffee press.

4- Add the boiled water and ground coffee:

Add the ground coffee that you have measured into the coffee press and then pour the boiled water into it. The coffee grounds start floating over the top and make a layer known as the crust.

So stir the coffee with a spoon for ensuring the mixing of coffee grounds in the water. Stirring will settle the coffee grounds to the bottom of the coffee press.

5- Put the lid cover:

Put the lid cover over the top of the carafe. It will assist in insulating the coffee press, and retain the heat inside as coffee brews. Then set the standard timer for brewing the coffee to about four minutes.

6- Gently Press the Plunger Down:

After four minutes, gently press the plunger down. While pressing sure about all the way and never let to brew your coffee further, otherwise it will become bitter.

7- Decant your Coffee:

Decanting the coffee before serving is just astounding. Because the longer the coffee is in the French press the more flavored your coffee will be.

8- Serve:

Serve it in a cup of your choice and enjoy the taste.

How to use a french press

9- Clean the French press:

Always remember to clean the French press after you are done with it. Follow the instruction in the manual on how to clean it.

Pros and Cons of using French Press

Every device has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us see what the French press can provide us,


  • Extracts extra oils from the ground coffee.
  • Easy to handle and clean.
  • Comparatively less expensive than other methods.
  • Best for cold brewing.


  • Required extra equipment such as kettle, scale.
  • Served instantly for preventing over-extraction.

Final Verdict:

This French press maker is eternally the best device for brewing delicious coffee. It is also known as the coffee plunger and a mainstay

for several kitchens and hotel cabins. This modest and smooth creation is suitable for brewing coffee according to your taste and desire. Further, it is easy to use and clean.

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