How to make yourself throwup || 5 Best Ways

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As unpleasant as it sounds as How to make yourself throwup, sometimes throwing up becomes a compulsion. In cases of indigestion, or consumption of a poisonous matter it is advised to throw up even if you have to do it willingly. Puking helps you get the toxic materials out of your body before they are absorbed into your system. Throwing up refers to emitting your stomach contents through your mouth; as this is against the natural process, it can cause discomfort.

When you throw up, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Gagging can be quite repulsive, but you can take specific measures to feel better afterward. There are a few things that you should avoid, whereas intake of others will help you recover faster. Before we jump into the methods on how to make yourself vomit, let us look into a few tips that should be kept in mind:

  • It is essential that you wash your mouth so that the stench goes away.
  • Drink plenty of water to dilute any leftover toxins in the stomach
  • Lie down and get some rest to help the body return to its normal functions
  • Do not drink or eat anything acidic, like citrus fruits or milk.
  • Eat small portions of soft and bland food like bread
  • Eat a BRAT diet for a few hours instead of full heavy meals
  • Stay away from smoking and drinking
  • Keep away from strong fragrances and odors
  • When puking, kneel or hold on to something for support as it can make you weak

In cases of food poisoning or indigestion, throwing up is one of the quickest relief. It removes the troubling component in your system. But, if you are throwing up voluntarily to lose weight or out of guilt of eating something, it is advised to seek professional help as this could be an eating disorder. Eating disorders can be fatal if not treated on time.

There are numerous ways on how to force yourself to throw up. What you need is to trigger your gag reflex; the rest of the work will be done automatically. The basic concept of pharyngeal or gag reflex is to disturb the roof of your mouth, back of the throat, back of the tongue. Touching these places with an object can result in vomiting. You can choose many different things to cause gag reflex such as your finger, a toothbrush, concentrated saline water, etc.

1. How to Make Yourself Throw Up Using your Finger

Throw Up Using your "Finger"

How to make yourself throwup Inserting your finger down the throat is the most common, effective, and easy way to induce vomiting. Make sure your hands are clean. Do not insert a dirty finger in your mouth; always wash your hands before doing so. Also, remove any rings so that you do not injure yourself. Cut your nail for the same purpose. Insert your finger in your mouth and push it forward. Go as far as you can go touching your throat. This should automatically activate the natural gag reflex. If it does not work, try again till you throw up. You can also pair up this method with other emetics for faster results to know better how to make yourself throwup. Emetics are substances that can make you puke and are an easy way on how to force yourself to throw up.

If this method does not work for you, or if you are disgusted by the idea of putting your fingers in your mouth, there are numerous other ways that can help you on how to make yourself throwup like our pain relief methods. For example, you can use a toothbrush instead of your fingers. Use your toothbrush to rub the back of the tongue with its bristles. It will immediately want you to retch.

2. How to Force Yourself to Throw Up with High Contents of Sugar

Vomit with High Contents of Sugar

The human body cannot process vast amounts of sugar and will eventually make you throw it all up. This does not mean you go to the kitchen and eat teaspoons of white sugar. Use flat Coca-Cola or Pepsi to get your sugar content. A bottle of Coca Cola that has been sitting, uncovered, for almost an hour will be out of fizz. The leftover sugary and de-carbonated Coca Cola might be unpleasant to consume, that is because it makes you want to vomit. Keep drinking after every hour to finally activate your gag reflex. Your stomach contents will come hurling right out after a while. Drinking Cola simultaneously with water can accelerate the process. This method of how to make yourself throwup may not be as fast as putting your fingers down your throat, but it sure is more comfortable.

3. How to Make Yourself Puke by Playing with your Psyche

vomit by thinking

Think of something that How to make yourself throwup absolutely disgusts you like someone vomiting, or maybe eating stale cheese. Isn’t that an efficient way on how to force yourself to throw up? Our gag reflex is so sensitive that it can be triggered by mere imagination. You will not even need to make any physical effort if this method on how to make yourself throwup works for you. You can also use unpleasant smells or sights as stimuli. Looking at someone else vomit or walking by a dustbin full of fruit flies can also activate the reflex. Works the best if you are eating something. It also kills your appetite right up.

4. How to Make Yourself Throw Up by Shifting your Electrolyte Balance

how to make throwup method with Electrolyte Balance

Our body has a neutral electrolyte balance, disturbing it disturbs the entire body. Luckily for us, it can be used to help induce vomiting. The oldest way to change your electrolyte balance is by drinking a glass of warm saltwater. Basically, table salt is made of Sodium Oxide, which is what will help throw up.

To prepare the saltwater solution, you will need a glass of water. Heat the water in a microwave oven. The water’s temperature should be high, but not too hot as it can burn your mouth and esophagus. Add about four spoons of table salt into the water and mix. You have to drink this solution in one big sip. It can be discomforting, but that is what does the job. It might take about half an hour before you throw up, but you can quicken up the process by sticking a finger down your throat.

You can replace the salt with a common condiment, mustard. Since mustard contains a high proportion of sodium, it can cause nauseating effects just as easily as saltwater. Mix around two teaspoons of mustard in a glass of warm water. Try to drink it all in one gulp, and viola you will be feeling sick in no time.

Another replacement of table salt can be baking soda. It is readily available, and most probably present in your kitchen cabinets, too. Baking soda is rich in sodium bicarbonates. The sodium part upsets the body’s electrolytic levels, which creates an urge to throw up. One teaspoon of baking soda in warm water will work wonderfully.

5. How to Force Yourself to Throw Up Using Raw Eggs

how to make yourself throwup by raw eggs

Do not worry; you do not have to eat uncooked eggs. Yet still the thought of the slushy and runny eggs make you puke, doesn’t it? The smell of eggs is enough to trigger some people’s gag reflex. Imagine having to gargle with it. Does that make you want to barf out your last meal? If you are a little stronger than that then what you have to do it get two or three raw eggs and separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Now, take the bowl of egg whites to the washroom and gargle with it.

Raw eggs are not precisely delightful. The gooey substance can make anyone puke. The weird and stinky smell is an added bonus. Some people cam vomit just by looking at it; others will have to put it in their mouth for a few seconds and swirl it around. Gargling with egg whites is very useful and a fast method of how to make yourself throwup to activate your pharyngeal reflex.

Throwing up could be helpful if you have consumed something toxic or harmful, but other than that it is not advised to mess with the natural digestive system. Make sure not to make a habit of throwing up regularly as I can not only ruin your alimentary canal but your overall health. Excessive voluntary vomiting is a symptom of an eating disorder, and professional help is required in such cases.

You can also develop a habit of vomiting more frequently once you have tried it, so make sure that you voluntarily throw up only when it is absolutely necessary. All the methods mentioned above on how to force yourself to throw up are for emergency purposes only and should not be overused.

Extreme puking can also result in dehydration which can be fatal. You do not only lose the food you have eaten but also the water consumed. This can result in slowing down of body functions. Be careful with it if you are pregnant. Instead of vomiting, call your doctor immediately and seek his/her advice. Vomiting can be harmful not just for you but also for the child.

After throwing up, it is vital to get rid of the stench as exposure to the smell of vomit can make you sicker. You can brush your teeth or use a mouthwash. A glass of cranberry juice can also help get rid of the awful odor. Follow by taking up a few hours to rest your body. Lying down flat should help.

Drink a cup of herbal tea, which allows restoring your regular digestive routine. Ginger tea works best in cases of nausea. You should also rehydrate yourself with a glass of ORS solution or Gatorade. Once you follow these steps you will be feeling better how to make yourself throwup in no time.


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