How to Make Bedtime Special for Your Kids

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Bedtime is a critical moment of the day for kids. Getting them in bed and asleep at the right time is important for their development, but most importantly, it’s how you get happy kids in the morning. Anyone, even those well into their adulthood, struggles with mornings if they have a terrible night’s sleep – kids especially. That doesn’t make bedtime any easier – until now. 

To help you make bedtime a dream, make it special. Making bedtime an event to look forward to is a great way to ease your kids into sleep at the right time, every time. To get started, all you need is to use these simple tips: 

  • Be Consistent with The Whole Routine 

Our bodies have an internal circadian rhythm. What this means is that it helps you feel naturally tired when you go to bed and helps you stay awake during those daylight hours. Blue light, inconsistent schedules, and anxiety can all mess up this rhythm. A good way to make it work for you is to stay fixed to a routine. This routine should start from the evening onwards. Say, have dinner, clean up, watch a movie, then bed. 

  • Get Ready With Your Kids

You may not be going to bed at the same time as your kids, but you can certainly get ready with them. You can even make it adorable by wearing matching pajama sets or by getting them special sleepwear that they absolutely adore. This roller rabbit pajamas kids set makes bedtime fun. If you get the matching adult set, you and your little one can happily get ready to bed together. 

This is also a good tip if you struggle to get them to do things like brush their teeth and wash their face. By brushing your teeth while they brush theirs, you help form good habits without the “I’m an adult, and I say so” trap. 

  • Read to Them 

Reading to your kids while they’re in bed is a great way to make bedtime special. It’s also an excellent way to get them into literature and thinking creatively, and if you have them read to you as well, it can help with their pronunciation. There are so many amazing benefits of reading, and you make bedtime something to look forward to. Depending on the size, you may read a whole book, a chapter, or a chapter each. This way, you set the right expectation, make them happier to get ready for bed, and build a routine their bodies can work with. 

  • Make it Interesting When the Lights Go Off

A special night light or even glow stars on the ceiling can all make it interesting and cozy when you turn off the main light. Not only can this help little ones who are scared of the dark, but it once again makes another important step in the bedtime process a good one. You could alternatively get a space light or even use soothing music if your little one finds it difficult to sleep. 


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