How to end the year on a positive note

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The world is reaching the end of yet another very stressful year. It might have been so stressful for you, in fact, that you might be wondering how it could possibly end well. Such a pessimistic attitude is likely to get you absolutely nowhere fast. You have to think creatively and really take the phrase: ‘when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade’ to heart. Here are some of the many ways that you can make this year better for you, even if it is just ending it on a high note.

Highlight all the good that has happened

Focusing on the positives after a stressful year might be one of the only ways that you can get through a tough time. It doesn’t mean to say disregard the negatives, don’t ignore the fact that they exist, but just remember that the future is still waiting to happen, and it can’t reach its full potential if you keep on bringing up ‘sludge’ from the past.

As painful as it might seem, letting go and remaking the future for the new year might be a good positive mindset to have. You just need to try not to slip into toxic positivity, which is the habit of disregarding all pain that you or someone else might be feeling and thinking that things can be solved with just a statement such as: ‘all things happen for a reason’, or empty statements like, ‘It will all get better in the end,’ without giving any further help or aid.

Try to have fun with other people

There are many ways that you can have fun with other people. Whether it is going out socializing, a cozy night in, or even doing something at work, such as a seasonally appropriate gift handout. Coming up with fun easter hunts, gifts for Diwali, or even looking into unusual and fun secret Santa gift ideas for those in your office who celebrate might be a great way for you to show the people around you that you care for them and that you have fun with them. This can liven up your spirits and really get into the spirit of whichever festival you might be celebrating.

Set yourself some goals

As mentioned before, you can’t experience the best future if you are constantly dragging around tremendous amounts of negativity. Setting goals for the year to come (and beyond) will help you look forward instead of backward and will help you strive for a better future. Here are some tips on how to write yourself some goals.

  • Have one big goal that you want to achieve in the future. You don’t have to set a due date to have it done by; you can just establish it for now.
  • Make this big goal into smaller, more realistic chunks. Say your big goal was to write a book. Smaller chunks would be to aim to write a chapter a month, or a page a week, or even to just plan it all out.



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