Gifts for The Friend Who is Always Cold

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There is a good chance that somebody already came to your mind after reading that sentence – we all have them. The friend who is always cold, no matter what temperature the house is or how many layers of clothes they have on.

At the moment, it is not unreasonable to be cold, as it is winter, so the likelihood is they are thriving on all of the items that are available for this season, ready to wear all year round.

If you are looking to get gifts for a friend who is always cold, read this carefully compiled list for some cozy inspiration.

A Heated Jacket

Heated jackets have been around for a little while, but now they are really booming into fashion. You can get yourself a heated gilet, a heated, padded coat, or even a heated dressing gown to glide around the house in, meaning you will never be without some additional warmth on your person. If this sounds like the type of item that would make a great present for your always-cold friend, then snap one up!

Heated Slippers

Heated slippers are another excellent luxury item to gift someone. We all know how chilly our feet can get when we are not wearing any shoes, so heated slippers really can make it extra snug.
Did you know that we lose reasonable heat from our feet? We often focus on putting a hat on when it is cold, but experts say you are better off investing in a pair of gloves and some decent shoes instead.

Heated slippers can help keep the body warm while someone goes about their day at home!

Personalized Blanket

Blankets are the go-to for comfort and warmth. There is just nothing quite like them. Not only do they offer a cocoon in which we can shut out the world, but they also help us trap in our body heat, helping us to stay warm. If you are thinking about getting a blanket as a gift for your friend, why not go the extra mile and make it personalized? You could do this by opting for something fun, such as a t-shirt quilt, or even get a photograph printed on one. This will be sure to warm both their hearts and their body parts.

A Box of Fancy Coffee or Herbal Tea

Warm your friend from the inside out by gifting them a box of luxury coffee or herbal tea.

This makes a thoughtful and low-cost gift, and there are many ways you can dress it up. You could create your own hamper with additional snacks and other favorites, find a beautiful box to present them in, or even stuff something into some woolly socks! You could also opt for hot chocolate stirrers or sachets if they are particularly sweet-toothed, and add in some cookies for good measure. Think outside of the box and create something that says you care about their warmth and happiness.


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