Does boiled egg diet actually provide the results it promises?

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Does the boiled egg diet actually provide the results it promises?

Eggs have been part of our food since the beginning, they have been used in lots of different cuisine and even diet plans, but there is a certain diet plan that sticks out more than the others, it’s called the boiled egg diet.

As the name suggests, the diet mostly consists of boiled eggs. If you love eggs, then we think you might be in the right place. We will tell you all about it and whether it really works.

What’s a good egg diet?

There is a lot of misleading information regarding eggs and how they can be incorporated into different diets, there are some methods to use

them in weight gain diets and some that help you lose weight. It mostly comes down to how you eat eggs. Many people use egg whites as a protein supplement,

they boil eggs and eat only the white which is rich in proteins, but leave out the center which increases carbs. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t eat eggs, especially since they are nutrient-rich.

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But how will you select the correct diet plan for you? Well, we can cover one for you and it is taken from a book by Arielle Chandler in 2018. The egg diet consists of a strict diet routine, which can show really good results.

The diet routine

The diet requires you to eat specific meals each time of the day, with absolutely no cheat snacks in between. You have to eat 2 eggs for breakfast

with any non-starchy vegetables such as asparagus and low-carb fruit like grapefruit. The lunch and dinner are also planned, you must eat only non-starchy vegetables and either boiled eggs or chicken or fish which are lean protein.

It is advised to follow this diet only when you want short-term results since weight can be gained after you get back to a normal diet. Although exercise isn’t part of the

diet, light physical activity is advised to maximize the output and result. It can help you build your body and get even healthier, which is a great benefit of this diet.

What should you eat on a boiled egg diet?

The things you can eat are provided in a list, though there can be some variations and changes, so advice from a health expert or physician is necessary.

  • Low-carb fruit: Berries, lemons, watermelons, and grapefruit.
  • Eggs: Egg yolk and whites.
  • Lean proteins: Fish, chicken, beef, and pork
  • Beverages: Water, diet soda, and unsweetened tea
  • Non-starchy vegetables: Spinach, broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, and tomatoes.
  • Fats and oils: mayonnaise, butter, and coconut oil.
  • Herbs and spices: Garlic, basil, turmeric, and oregano.

What foods to avoid?

As you can see above, the diet has specific planned meals and it follows strict rules against other things, in this diet, you should do your best to avoid starchy vegetables,

excessive fats and oils, sweets, and processed foods. These foods can be bad and minimize your results in this diet, so it’s advised to avoid these as much as possible.

Has It proven to be beneficial?

Since the diet follows a strictly planned meal with low calories, you can reduce your body weight by taking in fewer calories than what you burn.

Your body burns the calories in your body required for energy needs and this can be very beneficial for your health. The egg diet also has

low-carb food such as non-starchy, lean protein, and unsweetened foods, can maximize the result and help you lose more body fat.


But according to some studies, following this diet proved to be so good for some people that it reduced the risks of developing heart diseases and abnormal blood pressure rates.

Another study, it showed that the person developed enhanced metabolism and better condition after following this diet. However, since the weight is gained after going back to a normal diet, it might be best to not do this diet for long-term weight loss programs.

The benefits of the boiled egg

The diet provides different benefits. it encourages you to eat healthy food and avoid unhealthy eating habits, like processed foods and sweet beverages.

This can help you build a better metabolism, the diet also restricts you to eat non-starchy, healthy eggs, and lean proteins, which can reduce your calorie and carbs intake and help you lose weight.

These foods are known to help prevent obesity, heart disease, and blood pressure problems. It can even lower the chances of cancer, and for people who want to follow a structural and strict pre-planned diet, this might be the best solution.

The downsides to the diet

While there are benefits to the diet, there are also some downsides to it. Although people eat healthy food, the diet offers so little variety in meals,

that there is a risk of nutrient deficiency. For example, foods like whole grains contain fibers, minerals, and nutrients, while starchy food contains magnesium, vitamin C, and potassium are both eliminated in this diet.

Following such a diet can be unhealthy for some people as it is a very difficult diet to get used to. The strict meals and so low intake of calories

might sometimes become unhealthy for a person’s health. So the very best you can do is ask a health professional if this diet suits your lifestyle and follow

it only if you want short-term weight loss since you can gain the weight back once you change to a normal diet.


The bottom line is, even though the boiled egg can be very difficult and hard to follow, there are potential benefits if you follow it right, and according to an expert. There may be some risks but you can make changes to the diet with a professional’s help.

Nonetheless, the diet actually provides great benefits and can be healthy for people who are suited for it. But if you like strict meal plans, without many eating habits, this diet might be really good for you, you can restrict your eating of high-calorie food once you get back to a normal routine.


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