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75 year old Actor, comedian, screenwriter and Television producer Chevy Chase was one of the first Hosts to appear on Saturday night Live. You probably recognize him from his famous dialogues “ I’m Chevy chase and your not”. While a definite star of Hollywood on and behind the screens, his success leads many of us to wonder How much is Chevy chase net worth?
Did you know Chevy chase was the first person to say ‘Live from new York-its Saturday night live’.


Cornelius Crane ‘ Chevy ‘ Chase was son of Manhattan book editor and magazine writer Ned Chase and concert pianist Cathalene parker so Chevy chase’s upbringing was an eminent exposure to the entertainment industry. Chevy was a nickname given to Cornelius by his late grandmother. After being expelled from Haverford college  Chase studied a pre-medical course and graduated from Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Chevy chase was participated in underground comedy in his early career. He also wrote comedic columns for magazines but He really got his big break when he introduced the National Lampoon Radio hour a comedy radio show.

In 1980 he starred in movie ‘Caddyshack ‘gained considerable popularity and brought more attention to his contribution to Comedy and entertainment. Chase appeared in movies like ‘ National Lampoon’s Vacation ‘ 1983‘ European Vacation 1985’ and ‘ Vegas vacations’ 1997, “ Orange County”, “ Funny money”  but his role as I.M. Fletcher in Fletch of 1985 is still viewed to be his best performance yet.


From being expelled for hiding a cow in his room to convincing the military Draft Board that he had ‘ homosexual tendencies ‘ Chevy has always had a gift of Humor, in fact he had already found a flair for entertainment during his slapstick comedy days from college. But like most his road to ultimate comedy wasn’t easy.  He has taken up many odd jobs in his struggling periods including truck and cab driver, busboy, theater usher, wine store salesmen to get to the big stage.

Being cast for Saturday night thrust his television Career to take a turn for the best, checking a Golden globe and two Emmy awards off his list. Chase eventually left the show in 1976 and was replaced by Bill Murray  although he did return to host the show on several occasions. He hosted SNL’s 25th anniversary show 1999. His film career had supposedly started off before his Television career. He took up small roles in movies like “ Walk…Don’t walk”, “The Groove tube” and “Tunnel Vision”.

His first major role in the film industry didn’t show up until after his departure from SNL. His role as ‘Tony Carlson’ in ‘ Foul play’ 1978 earned him two nominations for Golden globes. “ Caddyshack” 2, “ Fletch lives”, and “Three Amigos”  were some other of his hits that launched him in the film industry as a successful comedic actor and screenwriter.

Chevy chase net worth:

Chevy chase has earned a  net worth of $50 million as of July 2019 his name. He earned this through his gigs in film and television and through the numerous Commercials he has done throughout the course of his career. Back In his time, Chevy chase made $750per show which is equivalent to $3,396 today. His famous hit “ National Lampoon’s Vacation”  made up to 177 million on the box office while eight others had crossed the $100 million mark. Although none of his movies has scored an Oscar, his average film makes a box office gross of $67 million.

Personal life:

Two time Emmy Award winner and golden globe winner Chevy chase has suffered from drug  addiction  for most of his career and has twice reportedly been admitted to a Rehabilitation centers. His addictions we’re instigated by painkillers that had helped him for his back pains.

However he had also been associated with alcoholic addiction in later years. His first marriage unfortunately lasted three years with Sharon Hewitt from 1973 to 1976. He then married Jacqueline Carlin from 1976 to 1980. His third marriage was held in Los Angeles in 1982 to Jayni Luke. Chase now lives with his wife and three daughters Caley, Emily and Cydney in New york.

Chevy chase is dedicated o charity fundraising. He and his wife Jayni Chase eager Environmentalists. He was also involved in 1990  and 2004 campaign of presidential elections  for Bill Clinton and John Kerry

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