Can Dogs Eat Honey? — Should they and is it Safe?

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Figuring out a way to satisfy your and your pet’s sweet tooth can be challenging. Especially if you have a dog, finding a sweet treat for him is a task.

As more and more people are looking for healthier options, honey is becoming so much more popular. With its many health benefits, it sure is a good remedy for many ailments.

Sweet as it is, it also has medicinal properties. And more often than not, your dogs will find their way to that well-hidden honey pot. And if it does it’ll be sure to get addicted to it. And then you might be left wondering: Can dogs eat honey? Is it safe for them? How much is safe?
The answer is yes they can and it’s completely safe. But you need to know the specifics and we’re here with some advice.

Can dogs eat honey?

Honey is naturally sweet and medicinally proven to be beneficial. So yes dogs can eat honey. It can be in the form of a sweet treat form them or can be used in making some of their foods.
But too much honey can be harmful to them. A teaspoon as a sweet treat is more than enough. Or a speck of honey can be used to disguise foods that your dog doesn’t like (that’s evil, we know!). Dogs tend to have an appetite that welcomes anything, so this special treat will be very special for them.

Benefits of giving honey to dogs

giving honey to dogs

Given in the right amount, honey can actually in fact be beneficial for dogs. Here’s how:

Energy Booster

Honey is a natural sugar. And sugar in any form boosts energy. If your dog is old, giving him honey can help regain some of his youthfulness back.
For larger dogs, feed 1 tablespoon a day; for medium-sized dogs, 2 tablespoons a day; and for small dogs, feed 1 tablespoon a day.

Treating sore throat and kennel cough

We’ve all used honey to ease our sore throats at some point in life. Well, dogs can be treated with it too. If your dog develops a kennel cough or a sore throat you can give home raw honey to ease his misery.
Feed ½ to 1 teaspoon depending on the size of your dog.

Reducing gastric issues

Having an upset stomach can upset your dog, be it from eating fresh grass or the new dog biscuits you tried. A couple of spoons of raw honey can clear up his stomach. Sometimes veterinarians suggest honey to treat dog ulcers because honey has immense antibacterial properties, that may help in destroying the ulcer.
For larger dogs, feed 2 teaspoons twice a day; for medium-sized dogs, 1 teaspoon twice a day; and for small dogs, feed 1/2 teaspoon twice a day.

Relieving skin allergies

Local raw honey can has been medically proven to relieve dogs from skin allergies. But the honey needs to be local because a local product contains some part of the pollen from your area which when taken regularly can help your dog adjust to the allergens gradually.
For large dogs, add 1 tablespoon of local raw honey twice a day to their food. For smaller breeds, add 1 teaspoon. You may have to heat the honey slightly to make it easy to pour.

Healing minor topical wounds

Natural honey is FDA-approved to treat humans in burnt cases. Applying it to a wound on your dog will help keep the wound moist which will promote healing. Also, the antibacterial properties of honey reduce the chance of an infection.

Clean the wound and slather up a thick layer of honey on it and then cover it with a light bandage.

Disadvantages of honey for dogs

First of all, it’s better to avoid giving honey to puppies because it’s a bit too rich for them and their developing digestive systems.

Tooth decay

Honey is naturally sweet and while giving it to your dog is safe sometimes, it can become a tooth issue too. If your giving your dog something sweet then make sure to clean its teeth. You should avoid any sort of plaque build-up. Also giving honey to your dog can have long-term effects so have a watchful eye for them.


Similar to humans, consuming too much sugar over long periods of time can result in obesity in dogs too. And as honey is sweet in nature it can cause obesity in dogs. You need to constantly monitor and keep an eye on the amount of honey your dog consumes.

How much honey and what type of honey can dogs have?

After you’ve answered the question: can dogs eat honey? Your next thought would be what type of honey and how much is safe?
The best honey for your dog is local raw honey or Manuka honey. Manuka honey is the best honey out of all and also the most expensive. Usually, a teaspoon every day will be enough for your dog but you can adjust depending on the size of your dog.

While honey is a good natural remedy it is always a good idea to first check in with your veterinarian before giving your dog honey. Also, make sure your dog is past his puppy days. Be mindful of the amount of honey you give to your dog because too much can lead to obesity and dental diseases.

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