Does Planet Fitness Have Yoga Classes

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Planet Fitness does offer yoga classes as part of their standard membership. However, the yoga programming at Planet Fitness is somewhat limited compared to what you might find at a dedicated yoga studio.

Most Planet Fitness locations will have a few yoga classes on their group fitness schedule each week. Typical offerings include basic hatha, vinyasa flow, and sometimes yin or restorative styles. You can expect 1-3 yoga classes per week at most clubs.

The yoga classes are instructed by certified yoga teachers, though they may not have the same depth of experience and training as instructors at specialized studios. Classes accommodate beginners but also provide enough challenge for more experienced practitioners.

While not as extensive as a yoga studio, the yoga classes at Planet Fitness allow members to explore this popular workout at no extra cost. It’s a convenient way to supplement your strength training and cardio with flexibility, mobility, and mind-body practice.

What to Expect in Yoga Classes at Planet Fitness

When it comes to the yoga classes offered at Planet Fitness, members can expect a fairly straightforward and accessible experience. The classes are typically structured around basic yoga poses and sequences, catering to both beginners and those with some prior yoga experience.

In terms of difficulty level, the classes tend to be relatively gentle and beginner-friendly. Instructors generally focus on teaching the fundamentals of yoga, such as proper breathing techniques, alignment, and basic postures. While the classes may challenge more advanced practitioners, they are designed to be inclusive and approachable for individuals of all fitness levels.

The teaching style in Planet Fitness yoga classes is often more generalized and less hands-on compared to dedicated yoga studios. Instructors may provide verbal cues and demonstrations but may not offer as much individualized attention or physical adjustments as you might find in a smaller studio setting.

Class sizes can vary depending on the location and time, but it’s common for Planet Fitness yoga classes to be relatively crowded. The gym’s affordable membership rates and convenient class schedules often attract a significant number of participants. As a result, you may find yourself sharing the yoga studio space with a larger group, which can sometimes make it challenging to find an ideal spot or receive personalized attention from the instructor.

Benefits of Taking Yoga at Your Gym

Taking yoga classes at your regular gym like Planet Fitness offers several key benefits that make it an attractive option for many fitness enthusiasts and casual practitioners alike.


One of the biggest advantages of doing yoga at your gym is the sheer convenience factor. Instead of having to travel to a separate yoga studio, you can simply head to the gym you already frequent for your other workouts. This eliminates the need for an extra stop and streamlines your fitness routine into one location. For busy individuals juggling work, family, and other commitments, this level of convenience can be a game-changer in terms of sticking to a consistent yoga practice.

Cost Savings

Gym memberships typically include access to yoga classes as part of the package, whereas dedicated yoga studios often charge separate fees for class packages or drop-ins. By taking advantage of the yoga classes offered through your gym membership, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga without incurring additional costs. This cost savings can be significant, especially for those on a tight budget or those who prefer to keep their fitness expenses consolidated.

Cross-Training for Overall Fitness

Incorporating yoga into your fitness regimen can provide an excellent complement to your other workout routines. Yoga offers a low-impact way to improve flexibility, balance, and overall mobility, which can enhance performance in other areas like strength training or cardiovascular exercises. By taking yoga classes at your gym, you can easily integrate this cross-training element into your existing workout schedule, promoting a well-rounded approach to fitness.

Limitations of Gym Yoga Classes

While taking yoga classes at Planet Fitness can be a convenient option, there are some inherent limitations compared to dedicated yoga studios. One key difference is the variety of classes offered. Yoga studios typically provide a wide range of class styles, levels, and focuses to cater to students of all experience levels. At Planet Fitness, the yoga programming tends to be more limited, often consisting of just a few different class types like hatha, vinyasa flow, and potentially yin or restorative.

Another consideration is the experience and training of the yoga instructors. At specialized yoga studios, teachers undergo extensive training programs and continue their education through workshops and certifications. Gym yoga instructors may have more generalized group fitness qualifications rather than comprehensive yoga teacher training. As a result, you may not receive the same depth of instruction, attention to alignment principles, or hands-on adjustments in a gym class setting.

The environment of a gym can also present some challenges for an optimal yoga experience. While yoga studios cultivate a serene, quiet atmosphere, gym settings can be noisier and more distracting with people coming and going, weights clanking, and music playing. The open layout of gym floors means you may be practicing in close quarters with machines, equipment, and other members exercising nearby. For those seeking a more peaceful, focused practice, the gym environment could be less conducive to the mindful aspects of yoga.

Who Should Take Yoga at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness yoga classes are best suited for beginners, casual yoga practitioners, and members looking to incorporate basic yoga into their overall fitness routine. The classes provide a low-pressure introduction to yoga, making them ideal for those new to the practice or returning after a long break.

For dedicated yogis seeking advanced training, extensive alignment cues, or a peaceful studio environment, Planet Fitness classes may not meet their needs. However, for the average gym member, the included yoga classes offer a convenient way to improve flexibility, mobility, and mind-body awareness alongside their regular workout regimen.

Casual practitioners and fitness enthusiasts can benefit from the basic yoga offerings at Planet Fitness. The classes allow you to cross-train and balance your strength training or cardio with restorative stretching and stress relief. Even with a simple yoga flow, you’ll support your overall physical and mental well-being.

Ultimately, Planet Fitness yoga classes cater to beginners and those looking to dabble in yoga without committing to a separate studio membership. The accessible classes provide an opportunity to explore yoga’s benefits within a familiar gym setting.

Alternatives and Complements to PF Yoga

For those seeking a more immersive yoga experience or advanced training, Planet Fitness’ yoga offerings may leave something to be desired. However, there are ways to complement your gym’s yoga classes to create a well-rounded practice.

Combining with a Studio Membership

Many yogis choose to maintain a Planet Fitness membership for strength training and cardio while also purchasing a monthly package at a local yoga studio. This allows you to take advantage of the gym’s inclusive yoga classes while also having access to a wider variety of class styles, more experienced instructors, and a dedicated yoga environment. Yoga studios often provide comprehensive programs for different levels, from beginner courses to advanced teacher trainings.

At-Home Yoga Practice

An affordable alternative is to use Planet Fitness’ yoga classes as a starting point, then supplement with at-home yoga sessions. Numerous online resources like apps and YouTube channels offer high-quality yoga content for free or very low costs. This allows you to practice on your own schedule in the comfort of your living room. You can even invest in a few key props like yoga mats, blocks, and straps to enhance your home sessions.

Private Yoga Instruction

For a more personalized approach, consider hiring a private yoga instructor either remotely or for in-person sessions. One-on-one guidance can be immensely valuable, especially when wanting to deepen your practice, work on specific goals, or overcome injuries. Private yoga instruction tends to be pricier but provides a tailored experience that caters to your individual needs and preferences.

No matter your yoga aspirations, Planet Fitness’ classes can serve as an accessible entry point. By thoughtfully combining the gym’s offerings with other yoga resources and instruction styles, you can cultivate a practice that aligns with your schedule, goals, and budget.


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